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Sustaining Faith


Building Studio Progress

Shabbat Shalom to all our partners and friends of Bulldozerfaith, YHVH is moving and it is a joy to bless the land of Israel and be a part of brining the good news of Yeshua through Torah to the nations.

2017 Update from BulldozerFaith

Is Jesus The Reason For The Season?

Why can’t we just celebrate and add Jesus or Yeshua to every part of our walk?

Hanukkah – Undivided Heart Part 2

Undivided Heart Hanukkah Part 1

Prayers Foundation A Two Way Communication

Shabbat Shalom - Today's message - Communication and relationship with the Holy Spirit is the foundation of prayer - prepare to hear from heaven!

Live By Faith And See The Day of Praise


All Creation Cries Out

Holy Set Apart People


I Am A New Creation


The Blood Of The Covenant

Zechariah 9 11 As for you, because of the blood of my covenant with you,     I will free your prisoners from the waterless pit.

Return To Me – Hope’s Promise

Your Joy Will Be Complete – Feast of Tabernacles

Deut 16 13-15 “BECAUSE YHVH will bless you in all your produce and in all the work of your hands so that you SURELY rejoice!” the biggest hottest topic is to talk about the end times/ prophecy I want to talk about prophecy Sukkot one of the pilgrim feasts to go up to the temple to worship Yah.

Sukkot- Immanuel – God With US

Sukkot one of the pilgrim feasts to go up to the temple to worship Yah.

He Tabernacled Amongst US – LIVE NOW

He Tabernacled Amongst US Sukkot one of the pilgrim feasts to go up to the temple to worship Yah.

Find Out More About The Day Of Atonement

The King Is Coming – The Feast of Trumpets Sep 23rd 2017

Great News! Broadcasting from Caesarea Israel - the Studios are not finished yet but we can go live - Praise Yah! This message will open your eyes concerning "The feast of Trumpets" and I hope will help lead you into the fall feast season.

Feast of Trumpets

The King Is Coming The Feast of Trumpets Sep 23rd 2017 Send Donation By Post:  Checks payable to “Gottalife” USA – Gottalife Ministries, Suit 167, 15105-D John J Delaney Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277 Checks payable to “Gottalife” UK – BulldozerFaith C/o Gerry Brown, Lynwood Cottage, Goughs Lane, Bracknell, Berks.

In Yeshua’s Name – Healing Message

Prophecy And Israel

What Shall We Do?

What Shall We Do? This is the question asked from a responsive heart! I have just arrived home in Israel so this week I would like to share the ministry service from Mercy Collective in Nashville TN.

Gideon’s Cave Part 2 Judges 6

YaHoVaH is raising up an army but not will qualify for the army. Who am I and Who is Gideon? Knowing who we are in Yeshua is everything. Will we count the cost and rise from slumber and make a difference in the world today. Watch Part 1 by clicking the image below *Will you consider supporting our ministry, as we pioneer here in Israel reaching the Nations? Mission Focus Support us this month?

Stepping Over The Line


A Journey Of Faith Through Israel

Beginning In Galilee – To Caesarea

Bulldozerfaith Is Moving To Caesarea Following months of prayer and waiting on the leading of the Holy Spirit on the keys to impact the nation of Israel more we faced a suddenly from YHVH! A clear word, an open door, and a leap of faith as the Holy Spirit provided us with a property that would facilitate our mission and broadcast center to develop tools and teaching to equip the body of Messiah here in Israel and around the world.

Living Between The Feasts

"The most Holy Spirit-filled messages I've ever heard! Yahshua's Gospel of the Kingdom is little known in Christiandom, but it far exceeds that of the Gospel of Personal Salvation; when will the "Church" awaken?!" "Excellent teaching, we need to be about the Fathers business! Once selfishness ceases the flood gates open.

How Your Destiny Collides With God’s Will

Do We Really Know The Gospel?

What have we been told the gospel is and does it line up with Scripture? This Shabbat Kenny Russell unfolds the foundation of the gospel. It's a day of Gospel restoration! His Kingdom is here but we are still looking for a city? Hebrews 11 Abraham, Isaac and Jacob are all living in tents. How do we follow Abraham, Isaac and Jacobs examples?