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Hebrew Roots Center Galilee

by Kenny Russell


Welcome to our local gathering and broadcast. We are a Hebraic group ministering together to see more people in Israel returning to the Torah as well as our outreach internationally as we travel and share the heart of YHVH concerning Israel and deliverance from Pagan Christianity.

We seek as a group to grow as a family (mishpacha in Hebrew)

Right now we are meeting in ministry center in Moshava Kinneret and supporting the Galilee region.

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Blessings and welcome
Kenny Russell
054 934 0730

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49 thoughts on “Hebrew Roots Center Galilee

  1. So happy to hear of you. I just accepted your facebook invitation.
    Let’s get to know one another in Yeshua.

    How did you wind up in Galilee? Are you now an Israeli Citizen?
    My son is wanting to come; single talented 39 year old believer.. looking
    for life in The Land and hoping to find his soul mate there.

    Want to learn more about you.

    Are you familiar with the Aliyah Return Center in the North?
    Do you know of them?

    Write me davida.expressit@gmail. com
    We are in Florida.


  2. I found you on YouTube interviewing Joshua Aron. Love the truth and been studying the ancient way for 8 years.
    I’m a widow and want to leave Babylon America. Do you need any help? Or could I even move there?
    Would love to get your newsletter.

  3. I’d like to join your e-news blast so I can keep up-to-date with your weekly gatherings. Your words Kenny is what I need to hear, as well as my fellow mishpoocha family in Yeshua. We’d like to join you in your weekly gatherings. Dying to self is what is so needed.

    Bless You a thousand times over for your powerful message.

    Bonnie Stever

  4. hi we are from South Africa. My dad was Dr Chris Koster who wrote the Scriptures and “Come out of her my people”. We love your teachings and would love it if you can send us your regular weekly teachings.
    Love to hear from you soon
    Jacques Koster

  5. I just noticed you are back in the Galilee area, sorry I thought you were on tour in the UK. May YHVH bless you all and our beautiful brothers and sisters in the Holy land. Amen and thank you.

  6. Amen, you are a beacon to Scotland. I am an English born lady of Scottish forefathers with like beliefs as yourselves. Bless you. I am praying for Scotland and the entire UK in these important times we are in, especially with the current political events and upcoming decisions needing the safe guidance of YHVH. I voted prayerfully as I believe was the correct vote according to what I see in the bible. I just pray we are all aligned correctly for the purpose and will of YHVH. In YHVH we can trust. He has our best interests at heart, knowing all things. Bless you and know you have brothers and sisters in England who love our Scottish siblings.

  7. HI Kenny and Hayley, just got on to your website, i don’t know if you remember me, we all went to kings church in the nineties , I knew your mum in law Maureen, I enjoyed your broadcast. my husband David and I are very interested in Israel, we are very interested in the Hebrew Roots. We are coming to Israel on the 20th of June would like to come and see you at your Centre some time on our trip, hope that this would be possible, I remember just a little about you both, but to encourage you I do remember saying to you that one day you would become a millionare , so I believe God is still in control of all the blessings well great to see you again will be looking at your teachings thank you, Many Blessings to you all. Shalom Lynne and David

  8. I have just been listening to your teachings since I saw you on passion for truth. The father has brought me along for the past 2 years in my understanding and now through you . I’m so blessed . I have no words to describe it. We are in Alberta and are just going g through a pocket of trouble . I am going to a camp of 300 people that have lost everything but there lives. We have been blessed with 85 bibles., and now I go with boots on the ground. Please pray for me . That I would stay strong and able to hear his voice and not my own.

    • Just saw the report of the fires you are facing in Alberta and we are praying for you! Glad you have been encouraged and strengthened in your faith stand strong and may the Father open doors for you to minister.

  9. Shalom from Northern Israel! I’m looking for an address that I can meet with fellow believers on shabbat!

  10. Shallom . I am a 62 yr male from Hyderabad , India ..
    I first saw you online when you addressed a Passion For Truth congregation at USA . I knew you as Kenny but only today came to know of your website as I was looking for an interpretation of Revelation and saw Michael Rood addressing your congregation. Finamcially

  11. Praying for you and your family. That all will be well. The teaching you have been doing is spot on and attacks come when you are saying the Truth.

  12. I have been studying Hebrew roots and found my way to the truth I have been searching for, but I have soooo much to learn…always grateful for a good teaching.

  13. I was looking for to put a comment in under your last video message Kenny, http://www.bulldozerfaith.com/blessed-are-the-pure-in-heart-for-they-will-see-god-the-beatitudes
    but there was no possibility to do that, so I do it here now .

    It”s a great message and I hope many many will see it and APPLY to it! I call it a heart breaker. As the heart of stone needs to be transformed into a heart of flesh in every area of ourselves and only is there one way called Yahusha ha Mashiakh , our Messiah and beloved who is the way to our heavenly father. We need to accept that and leave everything else born out of our flesh before the door and put the Spirit on in the here and now, in every aspect of our lives and quit walking in our ways. Thank you Kenny for a heartfelt AWAKENING message out of the heart of our abba ha shamayim. May the Ruach qodesh be working through your speech, everybody who hears it. I am sharing it wherever I go.

  14. From Totonto Canada, just listened to your teaching on Hanukkah, on HRN. Very good presentation! Thank you. Happy Hanukkah to you!

  15. Shalom,
    We are staying in tiberias, me and my wkife, about two months.
    Would like to take part your meetings.
    Kol tuv,

  16. Im wondering if there is a group or fellowship in the Newtownabbey area just outside Belfast N.I…?

    Im listening to you on my iPad…very interested.
    God bless

    Eileen in Glengormley Co. Antrim

  17. We will be in the Galilee area on June 8, 9, and 10th. Is there anyway we can drop in and visit the center. We are always looking for new opportunities while we are in the Land.

    Shalom and blessings,
    Chad and Marilyn

  18. Hello Kenny,

    Thank you for all the great teaching I have received via you tube in the last week or so, its been like drinking from a fire hose at full pressure. I must have the life by the spirit you are talking about. I have been involved in Hebrew roots for about two years but my identity in the mix has been missing as is knowing how to walk by the spirit. I really identify with not fitting in anywhere, Christians think I’m crazy going back to the law. After 35 years in the Christian religious system it was refreshing to start over with Torah from scratch but this is like getting a call from Neo in the matrix movie. I would rather die than go back at this point and appreciate prayers from those who have walked where I’m headed.

  19. Thank you Brother Kenny.
    Thank you for the Blessings though His Word.
    We have been watching on Revelation TV and find the Word is come to life through the empowering of the Holy Spirit.
    Be encouraged Brother.
    God Bless.
    Pastor Victor
    The Christian Worship Centre,Playa Blanca,Lanzarote,Canary Islands.

  20. Hi,

    Can I be added to your email list. I would love to come and meet you one day in the Galilee. Thank you for being obedient to the father. I am listening to what He has you sharing and it is very powerful and needed message. For me especially. Thank you, Ed

  21. I just finished listening to your message at Passion for Truth, and it really blessed me! I live near Kansas City, and hope YHVH will bring you near our area soon.

    Misty Ruth

  22. May Yehovah bless your Ministry abundantly!
    Thank you for all your wonderful messages and your dedication and obedience to Yehovah’s Word!
    Bless you and shalom!

  23. Hi
    I have been watching your programme on revelation TV. As a believing Gentile, who has been grafted in to God’s covenant promises to Israel, specifically the New Covenant of Jeremiah 31, I have a great love for Israel and the Jewish people. I have been to Israel four times, and would love to go again. But I do not think that God has grafted the Church into the Abrahamic Covenant. I remember hearing of a Jewish man, of the tribe of Levi, who got saved. He was taught that as a Christian, he was now part of the tribe of Ephraim. He said he couldn’t accept this teaching. Why would he want to belong to a lesser tribe? We Gentile believers still remain Gentiles after we are saved. In Ezekiel in the Millennial reign, the land is divided up by tribes. But we Gentile believers will have our part in the New Jerusalem.
    God bless,

    • Hi Chris,
      You say that we non Jews remain gentiles after we are saved. According to the Apostle Paul, he writes that we were formally gentiles. We cannot be believers in Yahweh and be a gentile.

  24. Please add me to your email list, I have just seen your programme on revelation TV and I would like to know more about Hebrew Roots. Thank you and God Bless you

    Josie Freer

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  26. Shalom, Just got the tail-end of your message tonight. Am I right in thinking that Kenny is Scottish ?
    I first visited Israel in 1999, and have been blessed that I have been able to come back 15 times. I will God willing be coming with Tim Vince and “Church without Walls” so perhaps will get to know more about your ministry then I already have been asked to share with a ladies group when I return, there are a lot of people who support and stand with Israel and God’s people.

    Father God I lift Kenny up before you, You who created him Lord know him so well. I would ask Father in the name of Jesus that this man be healed, build up his strength and prepare him to do You will in Your land , with Your people.Bless his Family Father and the ministry that he serves. Father I give You praise and honor for Your faithfulness , in the worthy and precious name of Yeshua Hamasheach.

  27. We are very excited about your ministry. Coming out of Christianity just over a year ago, to an understanding of the Hebrew Roots has been quite an eye opener to say the least! (we literally feel that blinders were removed from our eyes) The Gospel of the Kingdom message is a missing link for us.
    We have been told more than once that by turning away from Christianity we have “Rendered ourselves ineffective as a witness to others” Your message is helping us understand how we can counter those words and effectively share the Full Gospel/Truth with others. We do have so much to learn but we are trusting the Holy Spirit to continue to guide us into all truth. Thank you.

  28. Looking forward to your visit in February in Talladega, Al 35160. My son in law speaks very highly of you. Have been on this journey since 07 but really intensified it in 09. Looking forward to your visit and building relationships.

    Darryl & Marsha

  29. Thank you Kenny, Hayley and Hannah!!
    We are SO appreciate to YHWH for the 3 months we were able to spend in Israel and to fellowship with everyone at the Galilee Hebrew Roots Center ~ What a tremendous blessing!!! We strongly encourage anyone visiting Israel to make it TOP priority to join in fellowship on Shabbat (Saturday evening). We LOVE you ALL!!!

  30. So excited to be a part of this group!! I am a new Hebrew roots learning baby. YHWH bless and protect you and family. Prayers and lots of love ?

    This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. Have I not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (Joshua 1:8, 9 NKJV)

  32. I am blessed by your ministry. I am a member of Turning Point Church in Fort Worth, Texas & also meet every Friday for An Evening in the Word at the home of Liz Robles, an ex-catholic nun. I also follow John Benefiel, author of “Binding The Strong Man Over America”. He is currently denouncing Christmas & Easter also from his church in Oklahoma.

    YHWY is moving in our nation. I have hope for America when He sends missionaries to us such as you & Rodney Howard-Brown in Florida sent here from South Africa.

    I will contribute to your ministry as soon as possible. Blessings!

  33. Hi there we are in Israel and will be in Tiberias from Monday to Wednesday 15-17th July 2013. We would love to catch up with someone from your ministry while we are there, have a few questions in regards to the torah. We are from Australia,salom Edde Doven

  34. Shalom Kenny,

    I saw one of your youtube videos. I am am an Israeli American who lives on Mount Carmel. I am encouraged that you are communicating your message in Poria. I have recently felt clear call by the Father to travel to USA. I don’t know why or for how long. We are currently in Kansas City. If it works, it would be great to connect with you in USA, if not, I hope we can fellowship and support your work in Israel. I am both Israeli and USA citizen, and my wife and children are Israeli.

    Blessings to you and your family!

    Kevin Evers