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by Kenny Russell

Mission Focus
Will you support our missions in Israel this feast month?


Send Donation By Post: 
Checks payable to “Gottalife”
USA – Gottalife Ministries, Suit 167, 15105-D John J Delaney Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277
Checks payable to “Gottalife”

UK – BulldozerFaith C/o Gerry Brown, Lynwood Cottage, Goughs Lane, Bracknell, Berks. RG12 2JR
Cheques payable to “Gottalife”

Gottalife Ministries – 1362 Lambton Mall Road, Suite 8-377, Sarnia, Ontario N7S5A1.

We look forward to building stronger connections with believers in Canada and build more intercessory prayer for our missions in Israel and around the world.   

Please send an email by return letting us know your gift is sent by check!


Testimonies come in from around the world with healings and transformed lives – this week’s broadcast will charge your spirit and equip you to open your mouth and testify!

What is your story?
The Redeemed have a story – don’t let the enemy steal your voice!

Take time to share your story on the comments page on this video link page or facebook and see what YHVH will do!

We overcome with the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!

May this weekend be filled with miracles as we step out and share our faith.

Don’t keep your faith in a jar – spread it around!

If this week’s message ministers to you share with a friend
Bulldozerfaith is committed to outreach – join us is sharing the Gospel of the Kingdom – Partner with us today!


Part 1 Let The Redeemed Of The Lord Tell Their Story

Part 2 Walking In the Spirit

Part 3 Finding Hope

This series was delivered at the “Love For Israel” Conference West Coast

During the live sessions people were healed delivered and set free to walk in the ways of Yah. A series not to be missed!

Video Download Click Here – $30


Audio Download Click Here – $15


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