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Hanukkah – Undivided Heart Part 2

by Kenny Russell

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I Light The 7 Branch Menorah For Hanukkah – What do you do?

Lots of new people coming to Torah are confused over this celebration and just for the record I do not teach about the miracle of the oil, nor do I encourage people to use a nine-branched menorah (also called a Chanukiah/Hanukiah)
this is following Judaism and the story is built on a fable. Keep focused on what the celebration is really about and you will be blessed.

We light the 7 branch menorah each day and celebrate the rededication of the temple and pray our temple is cleansed by the blood of Yeshua!

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One thought on “Hanukkah – Undivided Heart Part 2

  1. Hello, We too have felt impressed to forego the Hanukkiah! We’ve only come to this understanding as of last year. We got rid of all our Christmas trappings just last year. So this is only our 2nd year of ‘rededicating’ our temples, ourselves, to the Lord at this time. Thanking the Father , through Yeshua, for His many , many, Miracles and Blessings. We pray for Yeshua to shine brighter through us, as the Light of the World. As we seek to die to our flesh. To live and walk as did He, to walk in the Spirit. Thank you for this teaching. YAH bless you and yours ! Happy Hanukkah.