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Meet the Advisory Board

by Kenny Russell

U.S. Board:

Dr. Kenny Russell – Founder of Gottalife Ministries Inc. (Non Profit) BulldozerFaith



group pic

From left (top to bottom): Matthew Miller, Jessica Miller, Ken Fabbri, and Sharon Fabbri.

From right (top to bottom): Bryan Miller, Alicia Miller, Steve Smucker, and Leona Smucker

We are very privileged to have these couples as part of our board. They have been amazing friends of the Russell’s for years and continue to be a tremendous support. Whenever Kenny and his family are in the country, each of these couples go out of their way to welcome them into their homes.


U.K. Board

The browns 2

Jenny and Gerry Brown:

Jenny and Gerry have been in Kenny’s life since he was eighteen years old. From the days of drinking them out of coffee, they have been huge supporters of Kenny and his ministry. Today, Jenny and Gerry are a part of Bulldozerfaith’s board and represent Kenny when he goes to the UK.