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Meet the Team

by Kenny Russell

Kenny & Hayley Russell (Founders):

Ken and Hay

Kenny and Hayley have been married since 1992. They have a daughter, Hannah-rose, who is also a part of BulldozerFaith. The Russell’s are media driven and have been a part of ministry pioneering and building behind the scenes as well as in public there whole married life. They have a vision to see the Kingdom restored throughout the world and bring leadership that is focused on being ambassadors for the Messiah.


Below is our core servants of YHVH who work tirelessly to minister to the needs of others and do what ever it takes to keep our mission on the road changing lives!  


Hannah-rose Russell: Production & Israel Office


Hannah recently started working for her parent’s ministry, BulldozerFaith, and is currently training to be their video editor. She enjoys writing, filmography, and traveling around the world with her parents. There has never been a dull moment in her life and she hopes to keep it like that.


Heather DiCicco:  Mission and Donor Support


Heather is a tremendous team member of BulldozerFaith. She heads up the mission and donor support, along with booking events and setting up billboards on highways to promote Kenny’s next event. email


Alyssa and Nate Sanders:   Marketplace, Mission Support, Administration and Music


We met Alyssa and Nate when they came to Israel. During the six months they were in the country, Nate began writing songs and recording them at The Hebrew Roots Center in the Galilee. Since that day, Alyssa has started working with the ministry on mission support and administration, while Nate is a part of the music side of the ministry. They travel around America, ministering in song and promoting our mission.


Peggy Sanders: Mail & Banking

Peggy 2

Peggy has been a volunteer for the ministry for over a year. Thanks to Peggy, whenever Kenny is out the country we are still able to keep up the mail that comes to our mailboxes. She is also in charge of the mail and banking.


Christine Egbert: Writers Corner


Christine became a team member over two years ago. She is a talented writer who is key contributor to BulldozerFaith’s Writers Corner and a great support to many new people coming back to Torah.


Tamra Cole: Mission Support and Events Booking


Tamra like Alyssa, works hard supporting in any way she can! She works on mission support and events booking.


Jenny & Gerry Brown: Europe Administration and Contact

The browns 2

Along with being a part of Bulldozerfaith’s board, Jenny and Gerry play a major role in our ministry in the UK as head of our UK administration and contact.