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Passion for Truth Jim Staley

by Kenny Russell


This is the video of the 3rd November 2012 meeting Jim Staley I was not expecting to minister but Jim invites me up to minister what Jim calls part 2 of the message.

It was such a blessing spending a few days at Jim’s home with his family (6 kids and a wonderful wife)  and ministry centre meeting and interacting with his team. The Vision in Passion for Truth is amazing and I look forward to what the Lord will have us do together in the future. to find out more on Jims ministry visit Passion For Truth


3rd November Passion For Truth

Passion for Truth Ministries

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All I can say is….WOW!!! I am speechless at this message. It really has inspired me to get out there and spread the TRUTH even more than I already try to do. Mr. Russell is a very anointed speaker. Thank you for bringing this message to the nations. by cbabywhite1968

Thank you for your word. Confirms a lot of things for me. by boriks23

Amen! Too on fire was what i was told i was after i recieved the Holy spirit. lol.

That was just earlier this year.

I was also told it’s because i am immature christian and they were mature..thats why i am too excited and over zealous…

Well if thats what being mature is i dont wanna be

I am 42yrs old..and i am on fire for the LORD!!! Thankyou Lord YESHUA!!! Abba YHVH for waking me up to ur mercies and love. by GlorifyABBA

This is what Yah wants us to hear. Wake up people. It’s time to live and move by the spirit of Yah! Thank you brother for your  4ulynda

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2 thoughts on “Passion for Truth Jim Staley

  1. Brother Kenny,

    Your message touched my heart. Thank you for bringing your message to America. May YHWH’s will be done in my life and my families life.



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