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Shalom From The Hebrew Roots Center In Galilee Israel!

by Kenny Russell

We’d Love to Visit You – The Start of a New USA Road Trip! Family_image-1_small A family who lived in the Galilee and fellowshipped with us for 3 months will be traveling across America from the end of July through November and they would love to visit you. They love to share about living in Israel and how our Hebrew Roots Center desires to be a beacon from Northern Israel!

Worship Ministry
Nate, one member of this family has started recording original music with the production team here. Our desire is to equip other groups with worship music relevant to a Hebraic theme. It would be a blessing to share that music with you LIVE!

If you would like to explore this possibility, please call Amy Huffman at 301-302-6099 or email her at

We would love to visit you!

Booked Dates –

Contact Amy at 301-302-6099 or for meeting times and location:

September 24 & 27 –  Albuquerque, New Mexico
September 25 – LIVE Appearance on God Answers Prayer, Son Broadcasting Network

October 1 – Houston, Texas
October 2-4 – Abilene, Texas
October 6 – Springfield, Missouri
October 8-16 – Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri (Celebrating Sukkot)
October 17-18 – Leasburg, Missouri
October 19 – Birmingham, Alabama
November 7 & 8 – Johnson City, Tennessee

Available Dates:

September 25 & 26 – Albuquerque, New Mexico
September 28 & 29 – Monahans/Alpine, Texas
October 8-16 – Lake of the Ozarks area, Missouri
October 21 – Tallahassee area, Florida
October 22-26 – Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando area, Florida
October 27-29 – Jacksonville area, Florida
October 30 – Savannah area, Georgia
October 31 – November 1- Macon, Georgia
November 2 – Atlanta area, Georgia
November 3 & 4 – Columbia area, South Carolina
November 5 & 6 – Charlotte area, North Carolina

Past Visits

July 29 – Fennville, Michigan – 7-10pm
July 30 – Charleston, Illinois – 6pm
July 31 – Oxford, Wisconsin – 6pm
August 1 & 2 – Omaha, Nebraska
August 4 & 5 – Boise, ID
August 9 – Port Angeles, WA – 2pm
August 20 – Sequim, Washington – 5:30pm
August 23 – Port Angeles, Washington – 2pm
August 25 – Portland, Oregon 
August 25 – Salem, Oregon
August 26 – Grants Pass, Oregon
September 4 – Sacramento, California
September 6 – Reno, Nevada
September 8, Lake Forest, California
September 22 – Phoenix, Arizona
September 23 – Tucson, Arizona

BulldozerFaith Project from Gottalife Ministries Some of you may be familiar with our broadcasts, teachings, writers corner and speaking engagements with Kenny Russell as he shares with others the transformation of coming into Hebraic Roots understanding. It’s his vision from Yah, to record and build a ministry center that will testify to the Glory of YHVH. This is not just an idea, it has already started with people visiting from many nations! This is the kind of feedback we receive every day:

Just wanted to let you know how much our family appreciates your ministry. You have made a wonderful impact on our lives. We love listening to your messages and they encourage us on our walks with Yehovah. Just wanted you to know that you are making a difference and we can’t wait until you have a huge BulldozerFaith tour, we will travel across the US if we have to, to come meet you. May you have many blessings in your ministry.     Julie H

Shalom Kenny, I was so glad I found your website. I am writing to you from Australia. I came to know YESHUA as my MESSIAH a few years ago. I have been to Israel in 2011 and I would love to visit again and live in Israel should that be the Will of my LORD YESHUA. I just wanted to say the LORD YESHUA HAMMASCIAH bless you as you share the Truth of the LORD YESHUA. Todah Kenny and Shalom  xoox Alissa from Australia “HEAR O ISRAEL THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE”

It is time for us to connect with individuals and groups seeking to establish relationships in the land, and to also be encouraged with the work that is going on here. We have built a broadcast center, developed the brand new released “Hebrew Lessons Challenge” and a weekly ministry recorded and shared over the internet in Audio and video feeds soon to be LIVE!

Join With Us
Our intention is partner with other ministries and individuals to do everything to support those whose eyes are opening to the truth. 80% of the people we reach have never heard the true gospel of the kingdom, YHVH’s plan for the Southern and Northern Kingdom and the difference between “Law and Grace”. Everyday we testify to amazing breakthroughs and changed lives. Our calling is to communicate this message with more and we need your help in prayer and financial support. Will you join with us in sowing into this work of YHVH and stand with us here in Israel!

Visit Us!
We are a Hebrew Roots Center in the Galilee where local believers welcome those visiting Israel to join us in fellowship.  Visitors from around the world share that they are encouraged to find a place in Israel to come and fellowship with like-minded believers. When you come to Israel, whether on your own or with a group, we invite you to visit with us!  We meet on every Shabbat in the evening @6:30pm. We can also minister on any day group are coming through. Please E-mail us for directions or if you have any questions. We hope that you can come join us soon!

We invite you to watch the link below. It is a testimony from Kenny Russell and will show you our passion for the Father and for His kingdom.
have-we-lost-the-love-by-kenny-russell-1Have We Lost the Love?  –  Every year we are reaching hundreds of thousands of people, many of which are opening the door for the first time to the message of returning to TORAH.  We desire to be a light, shining from the Galilee to welcome all of Israel as they return home to visit or permanently! We look forward in hearing from you.

Blessings Kenny Russell Bulldozerfaith Project Gottalife Ministries International

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2 thoughts on “Shalom From The Hebrew Roots Center In Galilee Israel!

  1. I’m looking for a Hebrew Roots group in Birmingham, Alabama. It looks like you visited there? Please let me know if you have a contact for me. Thank you, Diana

  2. I wanted to cantact you, but my message wasnt sent to you. So I try it like this:
    Shalom meOstria. My Name is Melanie, I am from Austria and I am married to an russian Israeli from Ashkelon. We both believe in Yeshua and Elohim brought me to the hebrew roots already in 2008. In the Moment we live in Austria, but as soon as Elohim will open a door for us, we want to come home to Israel. Today I found your ministry on the Internet and I was so happy to see that a hebrew roots ministry is located in my beloved galil. God willing we will visit Israel again in Sep/ visit Family and to travel a Little bit and to celebrate sukkot. I wanted to ask if we can visit you in the galil? Could you write me your adress? Dash me Ostria, Melanie