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Special Guest Matthew Vander El

by Kenny Russell

This weeks Capture the Moment from Galilee Israel is with special guest Matthew Vander El from South Carolina, USA.


Have you ever felt like you were wandering through religious rites, denominations, or even fellowships without actually understanding your walk?

Perhaps you have felt a yearning for “something more” within your church-based faith, but every time you attempt to find this “more” you are hit with a brick wall.

This is exactly what we went through. Sitting in church, wondering “is this really it?” There has to be something more. Well, Founded in Truth is the result of that yearning.

Matthew Vander El

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7 thoughts on “Special Guest Matthew Vander El

  1. Thank you! Great explanation of TRUTH. I am sharing this with as many as will listen. I am praying that with ears they will hear and YHVH to soften their hearts and remove the false understanding that has produced those thick tough layers that cover theses hearts. Visit them please Holy Spirit. Shalom, Anita Sweet

  2. great job matt, we from the original congregation, are so proud of you, you did a great job here, and will always be praying for your continued learning, enjoy your travels through Yah’s land, and come home safe.

  3. I have felt that “drawing” since my earliest memories at age 4! At age 8 I read Genesis 2 and saw that Sunday is NOT the Sabbath. Every part of the Hebrew Roots teaching about Torah EXPLAINS my whole journey to this point in time. This message gives me so much JOY!!! HIS SHEEP HEAR HIS VOICE, INDEED !!!

  4. We are coming to garden city South Carolina, we would like to attend your service. Can you please give me your address where your service is. We will be staying for 4 months there. We now attend my husband and I, at Yeshua Ben David of Pittsburgh pa.