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Special Guest Rami Danieli

by Kenny Russell

Yosef Rachamim (“Rami”) Danieli, a native born Israeli Jew. In 1983, came to believe in Yeshua of Nazareth as the long awaited Jewish Messiah and King of Israel.

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10 thoughts on “Special Guest Rami Danieli

  1. Thank you so much Kenny & Rami – toda raba! My husband and I are Gentile believers who have ben encouraging and teaching the Hebraic foundations of our faith for 30 years! We love the truly new season we are coming into, as so many simply can’t “do church” any more!
    What you brought in this video is really useful – clear, concise and showing the issues that exist from both ends of the spectrum – both Judaism and Christianity.
    I’ll also connect on Facebook.
    Thanks again, in Y’shua.

  2. Thank you! It was so good to see Rami again, he was my 1st teacher in 2002! I’ll never forget the love that he and Gabi & their family shared with us at TOD & roots of Jesse and prayer meetings. I’ve never felt the love of God coming thru a teaching as I did when Rami taught (It was as if Yeshua Himself or His love was teaching), I still have all the tapes (Rami’s accent is much improved 🙂 Being with the family I felt truely immersed in the love of Yeshua and you truely know him & Gabi by their love for others as they share the Love of Messiah Yeshua.

  3. I loved this interview and could listen to him speak for hours. He has enlightened me with his insight on how the Jewish people think about Jashua. What a blessing your ministry is to me! Please pray that YeHoVaH blesses me with income soon. Thank you so much!

  4. Good Sabbath everyone!!!
    I just watched the interview with Rami Danieli. What a glorious testimony he shares. There is such joy in his voice when he speaks about Yeshua.
    So many folks in the Hebrew Roots movement I have association with are determined to move back under Moses. I would love to study Torah with Rami. Afterall, isn’t that how we studied in the first church; as one in Messiah? Rami truly has ears to hear.
    I was very blessed to hear his perspective from a Jewish point. He must be a great witness to any of our brethren in Judah regarding Messiah.
    Thanks for having such a great guest. I look forward to watching more of your programming. Be blessed.

  5. AWESOME, Thank You for doing this interview and sharing it with us!! It is very important to hear other’s testimony of how they came to the knowledge of Yeshua!!! Thank you Rami! I will be sharing this!!

  6. WOW!!!! Kenny, this is AWESOME! I am sharing with MANY MANY! I have never seen this type of interview from a Jewish perspective. Though I have come into understanding this in the past year and a half, it sure does shed some light coming from this gentleman’s story. I am so blessed. Thank you,,,,and RAMI.