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by Kenny Russell

Bulldozerfaith™ Ministry is growing here in Israel and as we are laying the foundation for establishing a Hebraic Center in the Galilee where Yeshua ministry and call to minister to the lost sheep of the house of Israel was.

Today we are responding to the call to be a visible sign of the 2 houses becoming one as we seek to minister and pray for the return of the northern tribes. First we need to broadcast from the land to the nations, will you stand with us in prayer and financial support as we build and sow the Word of YHVH in the nations.

Thank you

Prepare To See And Hear May 17th 2014 Kenny Russell (audio)

The Battle Belongs to YHVH Part 2 May 10th 2014 Kenny Russell (audio)

The Battle Belongs to YHVH Part 1 May 3rd 2014 Kenny Russell and Michael Rood (audio)

26th April 2014 Meeting was not recorded

Wicked and Adulterous Generation April 19th 2014 Kenny Russell (audio)

Passover And Unleavened Bread  April 12th 2014 Kenny Russell (audio)

Preparing for Passover  April 5th 2014 Kenny Russell (audio)


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13 thoughts on “Teaching

  1. Thank You Bulldozer faith!!
    We are from South Africa and Abba YHWH has just blessed us through your teachings every week!
    Shabbat Shalom Mishpucha!!

  2. Hi Kenny. I first heard you on Hebrew Roots Network. You struck me as very humble and genuine. I wanted to let you know we have a small fellowship of believers in our little towns of Unionville, Sebewaing, and Pigeon Michigan. There are 14 of us. We are not to popular in our towns! That’s okay though. I am real encouraged by your videos. We talk alot in our fellowship not to say anything unless someone asks, but I am not so sure about that…..Thanks again. I will donate some money soon. Connie

  3. Shalom to you,
    I just heard your teaching on Hebrew Nation Radio, What a exillerating message. I would like more of your teachings. Am listening at your web site. Thank you for the truth.

  4. I watched the programme on Revelation tv last night after seeing The Living Room where the subject was being in a rut! I have been praying much about the future. Do you do training at your centre? I am 71 fit and healthy. Is it feasible to come for 1-2 months to your centre and if so when?

  5. Shabbat Shalom. Yeshua is busy opening a door for me to come to Yisra’el. Is there any volenteer work I can do for your ministry? I am a 49 year old female. I have been in civil construction for 25 years and then started a rehabilitation centre from my home, helping teenagers with drug problems.
    I will serve my King Yeshua HaMassiach in any way He commands me to. I will be obedient and humble. Shalom

  6. Thank you for the wonderful videos. I have gained much from them. Please keep me informed of future events.

    Thank you,


  7. I appreciate your efforts. I’ve visited the land twice and it’s AWESOME! I pray that your work continues to prosper. Yahweh bless you all.

  8. We have been listening to Kenny Russell and Jim Staley and Michael Rood. It makes sense. This year we celebrated Passover for the second time, this time here in Israel. We are studying Hebrew at Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh. We have an extra week in country after our course is over at the end of the month. Could we visit you all maybe 4/29 or 4/30 or 5/1? Do you like to receive visitors? The question that prompted me to contact you is about the website: What is the Hebrew challenge? Are you going to teach Hebrew?

    • Shalom Bruce it would be great to meet you up here in the Galilee. We also have one apartment for rent – guests for $120 per night for couples with swiming pool and sauna. call me on 054 934 0730

      • Hi!!!!
        I also live here in Israel! I live in Rishon but it would be nice to gather with others who have the same understanding of God’s restoration of all things.