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Thank You

by admin

Thank you for your support.

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8 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. Joe and I consider it a Privilege and Blessing to be able to give to your ministry. We can see that you have Abba’s heart to bring HIS Complete Truth to a lost… hurting and dying world ! We will stand with you and your precious family in prayer asking Abba to continually strengthen, empower and protect you all….. to accomplish this difficult work He has called you to do…Going out and Proclaiming the Gospel of HIS Kingdom to the world! Thank you!
    Blessings and Shalom
    Joe and Wanda

  2. Oh, my… I was filling out monthly donation and I had gotten to my address and it disappeared and said thank you for the donation. I am wondering if you have enough info and did it go through to where you get the monthly?


  3. Sorry to hear about your family not(yet)joining you in the US at this time! I am praying for their safety and care and for your super important message success! Thanks for your recent prayers for my daughter who was in labor(VA). She had hard labor for ONLY 13 minutes and then Yah delivered healthy baby Samantha(which supposedly in Hebrew means “God hears”)at home-and grandma(me)caught her since midwives did not make it on time. Thanks for your prayers!!! We continue to pray for Israel and also for your Prime Minister’s visit with us. May Yah bless you richly! Shalom

  4. What a blessing Kenny has been to us! When I first came into Hebrew Roots it was so..exciting learning all these new Truths! I studied, watched DVD’s , listened to teaching on CD’s, etc. I loved it! I did notice that after several years, it seemed I was completely forgetting the Spirit and all that encompanies it, that I practiced in church…I missed it! I love this message of walking in the Spirit. My desire is to be those spoken of in Daniel who will be “strong and act.” Also, I desire to do those things that Yahshua said we would do, which would be greater than him, laying hands and people recovering…..I want the Spirit to speak to me to do His will in these days! This has spurned me on to spend more time in prayer/fasting in order to seek Him better! It’s been amazing! The joy! Having a balance of Obedience to His commands and walking in the Spirit is how it should be:) Diana