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The Time Of The Fall Feasts

by Kenny Russell

Today is “The Last Great Day” and we are going to be studying Revelation this evening and tomorrow as we look forward to the fulfillment of the fall feasts.

Yom Teruah starts in the evening of the 7th September at sundown and we sighted the new moon from the Galilee as we celebrate YHVH.

This feast is Known as “the day of the blasting shofar” Lev 23v23 and it is going to get a little loud around here as we step into spiritual warfare with our shofars. Pray for Israel at this time as we enter into the month of the fall feasts.

Have a blessed Shabbat and extra high sabbath and please share this weeks video blog with others.

Kenny Russell

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3 thoughts on “The Time Of The Fall Feasts

  1. Nice to meet you at Pastor Matthew’s in Johnson City. I’m watching what our Lord is doing in your life in Israel. I want to connect to Israel, and praying YHVH will make it clear where He wants me to connect. Yom Teruah Sameach!