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Tour the Nations

by admin


BulldozerFaith™ will be on tour travelling the nations with a message to open the eyes of those seeking to follow the living Christ. You can know about Christ and even have spiritual experiences but this does not mean you are living for him in him. Today even pastors are burning up trying to live this life and many suffer depression because they have been living a lie.

We have all been lied to in the western churchianity and until we deal face to face with the pagan roots of our faith we will not truly know him as he intended us to know.

Do you know Yeshuah (Jesus) who walked the land of Israel and came with a message that if we don’t know our Hebrew roots we could never walk in the revelation understanding the time in which we live. Israel is the ‘prophetic’ time piece and understanding the Biblical feasts will be the start of a new journey and a transformed life.

Is this something you would like to know?

I write to you a letter from Israel as an immigrant Israeli with a message that is transforming my life.

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2 thoughts on “Tour the Nations

  1. Hi Kenny..

    Just watched you on SNL with Rood.
    Just a heads up. You spelled message as massage on the last line of your blog tour the nations link. Sorry.. I’m a spelling nerd.. just thought you might want to know. Aside from that, liked your message.