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USA Tour 2013

by admin

BulldozerFaith™ USA Tour Preparations Underway!

Events With Or Without Notice!

Yes you got it BulldozerFaith Tour is with or without notice! Watch this prophetic tour unfold I will give notice of coming events when I know the dates if not I will post links after. This is your opportunity to have me speak in the USA for the next month. We will report on the awesome events as they unfold and link to the broadcasts.

Coming to the UK 

January 10th to 12th 3 nights 

Information will be posted soon




“Heaven Speaks” – Don’t Stand Alone


This is a map of the Heaven Speaks Tour changes may be made but updates will be added as soon as we know. We have some nights available please help us fill these spots with home meetings or with groups.

View Larger Map

7th June – Charlotte NC,
Shabbat Night Live 8pm -10pm
With Michael Rood aroodawakening.tv
1337 Hundred Oaks Drive – Suite H
Charlotte, North Carolina 28217

8th June – Columbia SC
Gates To Zion 2;30pm Shabbat meeting gatestozion.net
Glenforest School – 1041 Harbor Drive,
West Columbia, South Carolina 29169

9th June – Jacksonville FL
The Home of Chris and Kelli Shrubsall 6pm
Please email for directions
for directions Map and Phone Number to confirm you will be attending.

11th June – Sarasota FL
River’s Edge Community Church – 7pm
3560 Bee Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL
Call Pastor David 941 961 0286

12th June – Moncks Corner - 7pm

The Home of Larry and Peggy Dreher

139 Majestic Acres, Moncks Corner, SC  29461

Contact Joy for information joylyle@yahoo.com

13th June –  Fredericksburg VA

Meeting at the home of
John and Jovy Hawkins
10703 Tricia place,
Fredericksburg, Virginia 22408

Lititz PA
June 14th (Fri) – Meeting at Garden of Eden Reception Room , 225 Wood Corner Rd Lititz, PA 17543 – 7:00PM

June 15th (Sat Eve) -Meeting at Garden of Eden Reception Room , 225 Wood Corner Rd Lititz, PA 17543 – 7:00PM

Steve and Leona Smucker
717 989 6410 Ss9039@aol.com

17th June – Pittsburgh PA


20th June - Charleston, Illinois

not open to the public

22nd St. Charles MO 5-7pm
Passion For Truth with Pastor Jim Staley www.passionfortruth.com
1402 S. First Capitol Dr
St. Charles, MO 63302

24th June – Menphis TN


25th June – Franklin TN – 7pm 
Center – Heptatset Life Wave Ministries

128 Holiday Ct. Suite 113

Franklin, TN 37067 615 521 5785 Host Ian and Patricia

26th June – Murfreesboro TN

to be confirmed

28th June Johnson City TN 6:30pm

The Vineyard of Yahweh meets at
Heritage Baptist Church
1512 John Exum Parkway
Johnson City, TN 37604 Room 200

29th June Bristol TN 1:30pm Shabbat

Beth Shalom with Leaders Brent and Susan Fiedler

Addilynn Memorial United Methodist Church
(enter at door on the bottom floor, left; turn right through double doors.)
3225 Avoca Rd.
Bristol, TN 37620

email bethshalom@charter.net

call 423-967-4228 for directions



2012 – 28th November to 28th January we have extended our USA tour visit Event Page for more information.

3rd November Passion For Truth

8th October The Last Great Day

5th October – Shabbat Night Live

Watch tonights show here it comes in at the interview with Kenny

If you have been blessed Click here to support this mission

we are funded by gifts and donations


28th September Watch live 8pm – 10pm Shabbat Night Live

What a great night with Michael Rood on Shabbat Night Live what an awesome show but not for the faint hearted!!! Thanks to the production team at the studio loved being with you all.

If you have been blessed Click here to support this mission

we are funded by gifts and donations

29th September House of Israel (HOI) The Royal Goose of Information video from House of Israel

House of Israel Charlotte

If you have been blessed Click here to support this mission

we are funded by gifts and donations

1st October 2012 Sukkot 2012 LIVE with Michael Rood | Feast of Tabernacles 2012   

If you have been blessed Click here to support this mission

we are funded by gifts and donations

Shabbat and can you believe it here in Charlotte NC you can fellowship the Israeli way!! Thanks to Arthur Bailey for the opportunity to minister and be apart of your live broadcast.

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17 thoughts on “USA Tour 2013

  1. Shalom kenny, sorry for missing you on your tour to the Us. i have some explosive info that i would love to share with you. You can call me at 330-201-3797 I listen to Jim staley online and i also have alot of Michael Roods materials and Im also a Bible teacher of sorts. i also hve roots in the Amish community and ive travelled to Isreal 4 times and i really would love to talk to you. Im well connected. thanks Shalom

  2. Kenny I feel for the longest time that I should speak with you if after prayer, I’ll let God decide, contact me via my email. My life has been changed I’ve been healed I walk on faith that I hear the word of God everyday, my friend and brother in Yeshua has seen the glory of God while His love fell on me and He has given me so many powerful messages to share.

  3. Is there a date you will be coming to the Raleigh, NC area??

    We are a messianic group named ‘Shalom”Peniel Ministries’.

    There are about 4 churches extremely interested in Hebrew Heritage.

    Please respond with a date you will be in the area if possible.

    • I will be near Raleigh NC this Shabbat (Friday evening) Mike & Melissa’s address is: 1696 Old Carriage Road South, Rocky Mount, NC 27804. Their number is 252-883-0100 –

      Please call if you would like to attend.


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  5. June 18th, STILL HEARING FROM HEAVEN!! May Yah always keep me in this place. I woke up this past Sunday morning and was instructed to “go and help my mother in law”. I must explain for you to have the full picture, I had separated myself from my husbands family two years ago because the verbal persecution became unbearable, I wanted to honor them by not speaking in defense in my flesh so I separated myself. So when I heard that my instructions were to “GO”, I knew I was hearing from heaven and was on assignment. I had also noticed that everything in me wanted to be obedient, there was no hesitation and no time for reasoning. I shouted to my husband in the other room that we were going to his mothers and he started to get ready. He didn’t ask any questions. I was excited because I have learned to TRUST ABBA and my daddy was up to something! WE met for lunch with his mother and aunt first, I think the aunt was there as a “buffer”. But just a few minutes in the presence of someone who is filled with the love of the Father (that’s me), the forgiveness of all hurtful words were evident to her. Praise YAH! I actually felt the walls come down! The rest of the day was wonderful. When we got to the house I remembered the “assignment was to help”. So I said, “I am here to help. What can I do for you today?” She didn’t have anything right away, but as she thought about it she asked me to help rearrange the outside patio furniture. It was nothing deep, just a helping hand and a willing heart. Moral of the story is that Abba will send you to meet the person right where they are. The most important part is the restoration of my family. I encourage you that as Abba works in your life, to allow Him to stretch you from what you think you know the outcome will be to His perfect plan for RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS. In His Image- Roots of Restoration, Kelli Shrubsall

  6. Testimony Time! June 9th in Jacksonville, Florida there was an “UNLOCKING” and ALL doors have swung wide open. I would have written earlier but since “HEAVEN is SPEAKING” I have been busy DOING what YHVH has told me to do. The latest signs and miracles have taken place just yesterday June 14th. YHVH sent myself and my sister Talescia to Orlando to minister to someone we never met. WE received specific instructions and when we got there by a Ruach lead meeting,the Kingdom of Our Eternal King invaded that home for the glory of Yah! Repentant crying out from a daughter who was out of the will of Yah, who knew better. Encouragement and instructions for an orphaned 16 yr old girl. Rest for a weary mother who was invited by the Ruach to take up His Yoke and receive the inheritance and blessings of Torah!! These are just the highlights! Praise be to YHVH, all Glory and Honor belong to Him! There is no better way to live……….In His Image-Roots of Restoration, Kelli Shrubsall

  7. Kenny,
    A friend of mine in Israel, Kay Brooks, just told me about you.
    I was wondering if you are coming to Richmond, VA. If so I would like to meet you.



  8. Hi Kenny, I’m in the process of viewing the Bulldozer Ministries and what I have seen already is bringing an awareness that was never there before. I will continue to be in prayer for you and your family.

    Bill Cummings

  9. Kenny, Please pray about coming to Nashville to share this message.
    I do have a Shabbat gathering October 12th you could use as a venue.
    The Steckbecks are usually with us and we could invite their list of friends as well.
    The Lord has been speaking this message to “awaken” much lately, and that we are moving into no more business as usual.
    I don’t think people know what to do as yet though.
    I am hearing the prophetic teachers bringing some how to’s if people will pay attention. I will be praying with you for the Lord’s direction for this time He has called you here in the US. Thank you for coming and for your example.
    I am strengthened in my resolve after listening to your message to “be all that my King has called me to”. He has called me out of my old life and into Him as His Esther. I must be about His business

  10. Dear Mr. Russell,

    I saw you on Saturday Night Live with Michael Rood and on Shabbat with Aurthur Bailey. Thank you for following the Fathers’ instruction to come to America as I want to walk by the spirit. I believe by hearing you speak, as well as Arthur and Michael, that I will walk in the spirit. May YeHoVaH bless you and protect you while you are in the USA. Your words are very encouraging to me.