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USA Tour Preparation For Passover

by Kenny Russell

Kenny Russell shares a 10 min update fro Florida.

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4 thoughts on “USA Tour Preparation For Passover

  1. Thank you Kenny very much .
    I will keep you in my prayers
    Thanks for being the second witness
    You clarify ed something father has been showing me
    since last Passover .
    May blessing abound
    Your sister in Yah

  2. Thank you so much for the truth about the lamb and the feasts. Especially around the preparation for passover. I strongly sense in my spirit it’s time to let go of everything and everyone and run with this truth. Time is running out and still so many tha are unsaved. Blessing for you and your family and may the Ruach lead you and keep you safe.


  3. YeHoVaH has been shining His spotlight in the innermost parts of my being, as I set out to cleanse the leaven from my being. He has been gentle but clear in showing me His view of my words, thoughts and actions. Repentance brings forth change, cleansing and new life. Though painful, it is necessary. I look forward to seeing what He has ahead, as I yield to His hand in my life. HalleluYah!

  4. Thank you, Kenny, we appreciate you, and pray for a safe trip home. May Passover at home be a blessing to you, as you are to others.