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4 Days In Jerusalem

by Kenny Russell

Today we will share from Jeremiah 16 and some hidden camera work from the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – The Via Dolorosa Exposed!

Hayley and I were on tour with Aroodawakening and Michael Rood and I have to say it was our most exciting trip to Jerusalem since coming to the land of Israel!

The tour group were from different countries and we hope to share some feedback next week for members of the tour.

Stand with us in Praying for the peace of Jerusalem – please share this weeks video blog with others.

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6 thoughts on “4 Days In Jerusalem

  1. thank you for continued exposures to truth and light in the midst of the darkness and destruction.

    Such joy walking the hills of Jerusalem. Even so, come, Yeshua!

  2. Very interesting. I drew the same conclusions when I first toured Jerusalem in1997 even before I came out of traditional religion. Bless you and Haley for sharing.

  3. excellent teaching from Jerusalem. looking forward to many more. Truth is what we are all seeking and deliverance from the lies we have inherited from our forefathers as scripture tells us.