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Behind The Scenes – Seeking Truth

by Kenny Russell


Special guests: Julia, Ken, Matthew, Me, Brian and Alicia

We are a few days late getting out this weeks video blog with all the activity and preparation getting ready to ship equipment to Israel. I have almost completed this difficult task and would like to thank all those who have been helping me along with those praying for us. I had a great team with me today so I had to take advantage of sharing our fellowship and testimonies. Today you get to meet 5 friends who are passionate about ministering Torah and the joy of walking with the creator of the universe.


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3 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes – Seeking Truth

  1. Hello, Kenny, please keep me posted as to your meeting schedule in the US especially in the DC area. God is so good. Thank you.

  2. Hi Kenny. I am a neighbor of Pam & Dempsey Dupree and
    was a guest in Melissa and Mikes home when you came and spoke on August 23rd. It was a great pleasure to meet you and hear your testimony. I to have a life changing experience and God is leading me in a new direction. I am eager to learn more about the Feasts of the Lord and the right way to observe them and have started studing in the Old Testiment. Much to learn. Thank you for your encouragement. I desire to be a part of getting the Word out and willing to help where I can. Jean Padgett

  3. Please keep me informed when coming to the USA . I would like to know where and when you will be in the area especially new Jersey and Pennsylvania. Also I would like more information about your need for help in Israel. Americans visiting Israel (Long and short time) to fellowship and help in “The Land” and to help with YHVH’s vision to this ministry.
    Thank You, Patricia