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Behind The Scenes Update With Kenny Russell

by admin

Shabbat Shalom,

It is great to be back in Israel, still feeling the fatigue of the traveling to the UK and the sudden passing of my Abba. Thank you all for the prayer support and emails and social media comments our family has been held up with your prayers and love.

A look behind the scenes at our new studio in Israel I am excited to tell you that the important equipment we were waiting for just arrived Thursday night and we have now installed it.

This week we have not been able to do a recording but I managed to do a walk through the studio to let you see an update.

We have a few things to do to get us to the place we need to be for recording new programs for Messianic TV and Bulldozerfaith which will cost us another $60,000. If you would like to make a one-time donation to help us with our broadcasting investment here in Israel please donate using Paypal. You can also donate monthly to our ministry and I am blessed at the partner support growth we are experiencing.

Our commitment is to reach the masses with the true gospel of the kingdom and to minister the love of Yeshua in Israel and the nations to do this we need your help and as funds become available we are able to keep pressing forward towards the goal forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead.

Together we can make a greater impact!

If you would like to donate over $1000 please email me and I will send you our bank account information so we don’t have to pay high Paypal fees.

United Kingdom Weekend Tour

January 10th to 12th / 3 nights

First night will be near Bracknell Berkshire location to be confirmed.

If you would like Kenny to speak please contact us ASAP

Financial Update

Reality Show Production “The Hebrew Challenge

Praise Yehovah for his blessings and the group of private investors who are standing with us with this vision. We have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars with investors and we still have a business investment opportunity (shares) for raising an additional $40,000.

If you are a business professional then you can check out simplistic website layouts to achieve your business goals and if you are an investor looking for a good project to invest in that will showcase Israel as well as provide a comprehensive Hebrew learning program please email me.

Minimum investment is $1000 and subject to availability.

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6 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Update With Kenny Russell

  1. Shabbat Shalom,
    When it is possible we will be supporting you financially.

    One of my dedications here in Hawaii is to give packages to Pastors for there Church. Each member will sign a petition in agreement of their support for Israel, sharing their care for Israel’s troubling times, praying for them.

    Shalom, praying for the Peace of Jerusalem, Beverly

  2. We rejoice smiling at your blessings as you walk through Yahweh’s provision for His Work in Jerusalem.
    We love Him and His People.
    And, we love you. Thank you for being there.


  3. Looking forward to your live teachings, Kenny. I have sent you a little something to help with your ministry and as we prosper you will find something in the mail from us. Shalom, from the Goodwin family.