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Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Will See God – The Beatitudes

by Kenny Russell

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Inspiring, transforming and life changing!
This message is recorded live in Greenville, Tennessee at River of Praise. In this message we are focusing on living between the feasts. Are we just waiting for the next feast or are we living the life of the Spirit?

What have people said:
The most Holy Spirit-filled messages I’ve ever heard! Yahshua’s Gospel of the Kingdom is little known in Christiandom, but it far exceeds that of the Gospel of Personal Salvation; when will the “Church” awaken?!

Excellent teaching, we need to be about the Fathers business! Once selfishness ceases the flood gates open. We need to look at the bigger picture, YHVH’s vision for the people and land that He is and shall redeem.




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6 thoughts on “Blessed Are The Pure In Heart For They Will See God – The Beatitudes

  1. Thank you so very much for your dedication in getting the beautiful truth of Mussiah out to the nations. I have been listening to some of your broadcasts and learning much and trying to introduce this truth to my husband and church family in small steps. I am pierced through the heart with every revealing message. Bless you!

  2. ELOHIM bless you brother Kenny Russel in JESHUA AH MASHIA’AK name .
    I had a dream two months ago and ELOHIM told me in that dream that his name was not jesus but JESHUA HA MASHIA’AK, so i began to ask myself questions about the meaning of the name jesus and JESHUA. The ROUAH AH KODESH directed me during my research and i understood that jesus was not the really name of the MASHIA’AK but that HIS name is JESHUA . After that, i continued to ask myself questions about the next step: what shall i do to really follow JESHUA HA MASHIA’AK? I was a movie freak and ELOHIM decided to show me the next step one day while i was watching a chineese moovie by the internet. So after the first part of the moovie , they cut it and suddently showed some advertising. The advertising was Bulldozerfaith and since that time, i understood that ELOHIM was showing me the way to follow HIM and i began to watch the broadcast. From there, i have learned untill now too much about JESHUA and i am still learning.
    Remain blessedin JESHUA AH MASHIA’AK name
    KAMGA KAMGA Guy Armand

  3. It”s a great message and I hope many many will see it and APPLY to it! I call it a heart breaker. As the heart of stone needs to be transformed into a heart of flesh in every area of ourselves and only is there one way called Yahusha ha Mashiakh , our Messiah and beloved who is the way to our heavenly father. We need to accept that and leave everything else born out of our flesh before the door and put the Spirit on in the here and now, in every aspect of our lives and quit walking in our ways. Thank you Kenny for a heartfelt AWAKENING message out of the heart of our abba ha shamayim. May the Ruach qodesh be working through your speech, everybody who hears it. I am sharing it wherever I go.