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by Julia Glattfelt


I have been walking in this new paradigm of Torah-observance for a few years now. Immediately upon learning the truth, however, I wanted to fly! I had to share! Everyone needed to hear this! Instead I have learned the metamorphosis from Christian to Hebrew has some stages along the way. It is a bit like becoming a butterfly. Although I thought that turning back to Torah and away from the traditions of men had transformed me into a butterfly, I find that I still need to learn how to fly.

Let me back up a little. I grew up in a Christian home. I was a caterpillar, crawling along, learning about the gospel and church doctrine. It wasn’t a conscious decision, it was who I was, who I learned to be based on my upbringing. It fed me, but it didn’t turn me into a butterfly. When I finally took that deliberate step to accept the doctrines I had been learning, I suppose it was my cocoon stage. I wrapped myself up in doctrine, and declared publicly that I was a follower of my Lord and Savior. I even read the Bible sometimes, but there was little sense of urgency. I was all snug within my graceful cocoon…just waiting for ‘someday’ when I would shed this mortal coil and be in heaven. I didn’t look like a butterfly and I definitely wasn’t flying.


Then, one day I was awakened from my snug, stagnant cocoon. That was the day when I saw Michael Rood’s video, The Jonah Code. It changed my life! Suddenly, there were answers to things that I had wondered about since I was a child! It was like discovering gold! I was so excited and overwhelmed by this glorious Truth that I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone I met! I emerged from my cocoon with my wings – and a bazooka loaded with information!!!!

Unfortunately, my wings, although a definite improvement from my cocooned existence, were not ready to carry the load. Instead of being “wet behind the ears” I was weighed down with soggy wings! The potential for flight was there, but I was ahead of the curve.

I learned almost immediately that not everyone would be as thrilled to learn the truth as I was! I fluttered a lot but never got anywhere. I even had some of my friends and family get out their fly-swatters to dampen my enthusiasm. I was called a heretic! I was called a false teacher! It must be a cult! Everyone I met (it seemed) was totally offended by the notion that we had grown up with inherited lies, and it was my fault for pointing it out.

It took a while and some lost friends for me to recognize that not everyone was ready to hear these wonderful truths that I had discovered. Certainly not from the receiving end of the bazooka I was wielding! I had my wings, but I was not ready to fly. Maybe my wings needed some testing first?


I have noticed this phenomenon among many of the like-minded people I have met since beginning this Torah-observant life. Our enthusiasm is boundless! A little knowledge and we launch! We all think that the truth will speak for itself, and everyone will want to hear about the latest discovery in Hebrew Roots, or how to follow the Feasts, or pronounce the Name. They’ll be grateful for the brick-bat up the side of their head as you tell them that Christmas and Easter are pagan festivals and an abomination! The truth, and your correction, will be welcome!

Instead this enthusiasm is met with broken relationships, alienated families and isolation. What’s worse: maybe we have turned people away from hearing the truth!

To mix my metaphors, we got our wings but no bells were ringing!


Butterflies don’t dive-bomb the flower bed! They don’t land with such force that the flowers are flattened and don’t know what hit them. On the contrary, their continued existence relies on the butterfly to bring pollen to their hearts. It shouldn’t be a physical assault, but a welcome visit!

Butterflies flutter. Just like the Ruach was described as fluttering over the face of the waters in Genesis.

Butterflies are beautiful! Where did that beauty come from? Was it anything the caterpillar did? We are His creation! We are all a little different, but equipped to fly if we take the time to test our wings.

How do we do that? What is it that lifts us?


I remember a movie called Butterflies are Free. It is hard to imagine anything more lovely than a butterfly being carried along by a breeze. Free as a breeze.

What is it that makes us free? According to scripture, the Truth will make us free. (John 8:32, 36)

We are lifted by His spirit, and that should make us free! Paul says we are free from the bondage to sin and death! (Romans 8:2) We can be lifted away from the world, just as a butterfly is lifted away from the earth and carried on the wind. But, we still need the wind underneath our wings!

We should be riding that breath of air, a scatterer of pollen, a vehicle carried by the spirit of YHVH to others! That’s the important part! The spirit that lifts us and carries us along!


We haven’t learned how to fly yet! We are beating the air, and others, with huge flaps but not getting anywhere! The trick, as I see it now, is to pump up those wings. By that I mean we need to learn how to walk in Torah with humility. Only then will our wings spread and become light enough for flight. Let your wings dry a bit. Get them air-worthy so that He is able to lift you up.

Once we have learned the Torah of love, our wings will be visible to everyone!

Let’s fly lightly! Soaringly! Delicately! Drop by a few flowers, but don’t stay all day! Just long enough to scatter a little pollen; do your job to spread the truth. Give a few flaps of your wings, and soar away before they know you’ve been there. Maybe they’ll even look forward to your return! Let your flight be the witness! As a friend of mine says, “preach always and, if necessary, use words.”

Let Him be the one that guides you. All you can do is visit the flowers; you cannot make them grow! Let Him turn that visit into a planted seed or another butterfly – He is the only one who can! Before we head out to pollinate the entire world, let’s take time to get our own wings air-worthy.


Let’s pray. Let’s study. Let’s learn to walk the Torah as He walked. Let the Word do what it is designed to do and transform us into being more like Him. Let Him establish the fruits of the spirit within us! Then we will be ready when the wind lifts us up to carry us in His will.

And always, ALWAYS, be the beautiful winged creature that He created you to be! Our flight might be the only time someone will see the transformative power of YHVH.

Arm yourself with truth, but leave the bazooka at home.

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25 thoughts on “Butterflies

  1. I wish I had this information before I loaded my bazooka!

    Thank you for the insight; it’s hard to be zealous for something and
    still have patience to learn how to land lightly on a delicate flower.

    I have such zeal and boldness now that I never had before and thought everyone should be glad to hear the truth.

    I’m sitting back a bit now, waiting for my wings to dry out a bit and then I’ll try to learn to fly again and this time will leave the bazooka at home.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Julia, so good to see this was from you; and, being butterflies are my favorite animal, this was delightful. In humility and in love. shalom
    N. Ft. Myers, Fl.

  3. need the wind underneath our wings…yes and leave behind the bazooka….you have helped to steady things a lot…..I have felt all over the place at times and there is so much to think about……where do we go from here…….Let the Word do what it is designed to do and transform us into being more like Him……..oh yes please…..please oh please….:)

  4. Thank goodness, you have said what I have been feeling, that we are not supposed to hit people over the head with the Truth. Leave the bazooka at home.

    I am never convinced to change my beliefs when a vehement evangelist confronts me. Only the Ruach can change my mind. Thank you.

  5. You’re right Julia. So used to being in the church where the bazooka is the weapon of choice. Would think it would work here too. But when you have the truth you don’t need a bazooka. The Word of truth does it own work. We plant the seed and the Spirit does the work. It would have done me good to read this article 2 years ago. Thank you. Bryan.

    • Sounds like we are on similar timelines. A couple of years ago I needed to hear this as well. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Shalom.

  6. In one of Shaul’s epistles, he said that the laborer must first be partaker of the fruit…and so it is–fruit takes a little time to be sweet–to be edible, so, we cannot feed to others what hasn’t fully come to maturity in such a way as to sustain us–and that is where I’m at right now. Letting the fruit come to maturity.

  7. Such an awesome and profound illustration from the Ruach! I sure needed to hear this today ! Thank you Julia! Shabbat Shalom!

  8. Thanks Ms. Glattfelt for this insightful perspective of how to witness to the world around us. We shall be known by our fruits, not by our truth! Shalom!

  9. Hi Kenny peter and john rejoiced the torah but it was the religious of the day that did not understand its the same today ken from wales