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Cancer: A Boost to Faith?

by Julia Glattfelt

A few weeks ago I was told I have cancer.  Now, that is a scary word to come out of the mouth of any doctor!  At first I was looking for all kinds of verses that cover ‘hope.’  They were great!  But, the funny thing is, I think that a diagnosis of cancer has been the best thing that ever happened to me.

I know, you probably think I am in denial.  But, I don’t think so at all.  Not only has this existential moment given me a perspective and appreciation for even the little things of life, but my faith has been strengthened immeasurably.

One thing I was sure of was that I did NOT want to take conventional treatments for my cancer.  No chemotherapy drugs derived from mustard gas, no radiation treatments to ‘shrink’ the tumor with all the accompanying Direct Effects of such an all-out assault on my body organs and immune system.

It never made sense to me to sicken an entire body to rid it of cancer.  I knew there had to be a better, and more biblical, approach to this problem.

Even though I have been pressured by doctors to begin a 5 week daily regimen of chemo-therapy and irradiation, I have pursued other measures.

I am here to tell you that I have never felt more at peace with a decision, or more convicted that I am on the right path.

Statistics say that only about 2% of cancer survivors are permanently ‘cured.’  And what is worse, most folks die of the treatments, and not the disease.  We’ve only been using Chemo-therapy since the end of WWII, and every one of the drugs used is itself a carcinogen!  So’s Radiation!  So, how does that even make sense??

So, you ask, what am I doing?

I am doing a whole-body detoxification and rebuilding my immune system.  I am seeing Gary Tunsky (What in the Cell is Going On?), but there are lots of holistic doctors out there that can guide you in this treatment.  After a few weeks of juicing, detoxing, infra-red saunas, rebounding and other things, I am here to tell you I have never felt better!

But, aside from the physical improvement, the real center of why I am so positive lies in my faith in YHVH to heal me.

I have had the sense that He wants me to know ‘I have this.’  And ‘Watch what I can do!’  I also sought prayers from our Kehilah.  We went up to the campground for Sukkot on Sunday evening.  I was anointed with oils and prayed over.  My husband and I were both prayed over under a talit.

I know that YHVH has healed my disease!  I cannot prove it, but I am as certain of that as anything I have ever been in my life.  “I AM Healed of YHVH.”

I was given this verse: Psa 56:9 My enemies turn back in the day I call; This I know, because Elohim is for me.   (Also, Isaiah 53 “By His stripes, I am healed.”)

My husband has noticed the change in me.  I have had lots of folks praying for me, but since Sunday night at the Sukkot prayer I have been totally at peace.  I am calm, resolved and happy.  Really happy because I know that He has done a marvelous thing in me, healing not only my cancer but my soul itself!  Praise YHVH!

If that’s not a boost to my faith, I don’t know what is!

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11 thoughts on “Cancer: A Boost to Faith?

  1. I had lymphoma but believe my Abba has healed me. I did do 6 treatments of chemo, juiced, and took herbs. After chemo saw Gary Tunsky and have been doing 21 day cleanses for the last three years. By His stripes I am healed…Glory to YaHoVaH and YESHUA!! Everyday is a recommitment to follow Him, to keep this temple holy so that He can use me to do His will. Praise Yah

  2. Dear Julia,

    I am so glad to hear your testimony. It grieves me every time I hear of another person going down the path of chemo for cancer. It is a crime that nutritional factors are not considered. I have heard that everyone has cancerous cells in their body for varying reasons but that diet and lifestyle have everything to do with if they are fed and supported or starved and disrupted. There is a wealth of information available for those who seek alternatives such as yourself so I am thrilled to hear of your journey. May you be as a green olive tree in the house of Elohim! Blessings, Mary

  3. Shalom Julia
    I recently Had a revelation after turning to Wheat Grass,for my own illness Our Body’s have come to acidic with our Diets and we need to get a balance by foods that are high in alkaline Wheat Grass being one.Cancers grow in a acidic Body.
    Grass Was the First living thing that Yah Created,
    I also pray under a Lambs wool talit I find great comfort in it, I feel covered by the Lamb of Yah
    Shalom Martin

  4. May Yah keep blessing you! My sister died of cancer many years ago. Her’s was started wit ovarian and went to the liver. She did not get pap smears regularly, but also did not eat right, or take care of her body ,(Yah’s temple) I totally agree with you! I try so hard to get my water in, exercise and eat right. Sometimes it is hard to eat right. Food is expensive and I’m not sure if the organic labeled food is really organic. . We have to do the best we can. I Pray Yah continues to keep you healthy. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hey Julia !
    This is Catherine Humphreys writing. So glad you are seeing Gary! Give a call if you like. 616-540-8015. Shalom and Blessings, Catherinw

  6. Yahweh healed me of cancer in 2011. I quit eating meat, sugar and dairy when I was taught by Doctor Robertson that cancer needs these three ingredients to survive. I began juicing and proclaimed my healing in Yahshua’s name. I believe He has healing available for all who trust in Him and it sounds like you are fully on board with that understanding. May Yahweh bless and keep you as you proclaim your healing to others.
    P.S.- Call me anytime you would like at 315-222-8528