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Capture the Moment with guest Gary Tunsky

by Kenny Russell

Kenny Russell overcame Liver disease in 2014 using Gary Tunsky’s program and has since introduced hundreds of others to the need to detox your way back to health. There are many detox systems but adopting this 21 day kit is a favorite method for Kenny. Hear a good report of how the Holy Spirit is leading many in days where the medical world is disconnected to keys that can unlock your health.



Gary Tunsky is also known as PH Celltox Systems and is the designer/formulator of the first and foremost 21-day, 24-hours a day, ?whole body cellular cleanse system.
Tunsky is a world renowned cellular disease specialist incorporating a custom tailored, multifaceted, integrative treatment approach to successfully assist individuals for over 20 year achieve total health and wellness.

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Please Note when you order all orders include the foot pads and this price is $50 more. If you need the kit without the footpads please email and we can take payment over the phone. 

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