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by Kenny Russell

The Fall Feast Dates:
Day of Trumpets – Sundown 11th September/12th September
Day of Atonement – Sundown 20th September/21st September
Feast of Tabernacles begins – Sundown 25th September
The Last Great Day/The Eighth Day – Sundown October 2nd/3rd October

Sending Power is Greater than Seed Power
On the 30th of November, we will be celebrating 20 Years for Gottalife Ministries, and we want to make this a big deal for the Kingdom of YHVH!
We have had the opportunity to minister to millions of people and see hundreds of thousands of lives changed and impacted to follow Yeshua, as we have faithfully traveled the nations and broadcast around the world on TV and radio.
Our hearts are on fire, and there is so much more we need to do, we will not shrink back!

Judges 6:34,
“So the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon, and he blew a trumpet, and the Abiezrites were called together to follow him.”

Our passion and call are to go to the nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom! Our mission trips for 2018 are not over yet; we still have the best part of four months to go!

For all those who have supported BulldozerFaith in 2018, thank you for sending me across the world! I have been on 32 flights already this year, in the nations, including our first trip to China! The urgency to move BulldozerFaith forward as a missions agency is my top priority. To train, equip and release people into the mission field is our goal, but we face challenges!

We have spiritual mountains to climb and strongholds to break as we press forward with our vision for The Living Stone Torah Outreach to bring forth fruit in the nations.

We have the vision, we have the passion, but we need the release of resources to build this area of our ministry. Developing teachings and training packs as well as setting up our core missions team is where we are heading.

We are running a campaign for the remainder of 2018 to shout-out and blast a Shofar call to mobilize greater prayer and financial support; I hope you will stand with us!

Our goal is to raise up an army of at least 300 and send them into the nations with the Gospel of the Kingdom!

Judges 7:8,
“So the 300 men took the people’s provisions and their trumpets into their hands…”

Gideon had 300 men, but he also had the peoples provision.

Please help us raise support for the 2019 Mission Fund so we can establish our missions training from Israel into the nations.

We are praying for people to work with us and raise a special offering by identifying things you could sell to give to this fund.

What do we have that could be converted into Kingdom resources to help mobilize an army?

Do you have household items, cars, second houses, electronics, jewelry, furniture, garden equipment, musical instruments or even consider converting investment funds?
What will it take to impact this generation?
Our vision here at BulldozerFaith will take us all the way to the stadiums and arenas of the nations to proclaim the Gospel, and it all starts here!

Let’s build a fund without limits, as the more resources we gather, the higher the impact! This is your opportunity to become a covenant partner with Gottalife Ministries/BulldozerFaith to contribute to the work of the Great Commission, as the Spirit leads. Together, we are going to embark on a journey with signs, wonders, and miracles as we send people out and go into the nations.

Email us, today, your pledges and support and see what you can do to help us break into the next realm of this ministry!

Mission Focus


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