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Finding the Place of Prayer

by Kenny Russell


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We look forward to building stronger connections with believers in Canada and build more intercessory prayer for our missions in Israel and around the world.

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One thought on “Finding the Place of Prayer

  1. Hi Kenny, thank u for your message today, I was just looking at a photo of you and Hannah, the other day,. I f u remember in the Indian restaurant in Dumfries. It was a few years ago now.

    I am fighting on though I know the battle belongs to the Lod. You may remember I was diagnosed with bone cancer last year, which I am refusing to own, which caused the curvature of the spine, plus had a compression, plus they said I had oestoathritis , then i fell against toilet pan last year and broke three ribs and fractured my sternum, which is now deformed, they say it is too risky for op.

    I had an mri scan few weeks ago and await results please pray all will be well, as they said I had a relapse in November, and may have to go on more chemo, which I am not accepting . They said we will see in Jan. Jan came and he decided to do Mari first so as I say I wait with positivity and standing on the word.

    Another thing has happened, during this time I was helping my friend Roger you ,aye remember him he was at the meal that night. Well had to get social services involved last year as I couldn’t be his career anymore,. They are fighting to take the power of attorney from me and I have been in a. If battle with them since October last year. They froze his account so I have been taking him out and paying these last 5 months. I go up to court on 21 March which I am not looking forward to. They have twisted things told lies, and have been so Intimidating towards me. Roger has been diagnosed with slight schrizopenia I refuse to label him, with this and they don’t like it. I feel there is a vendetta against me and all I have been doing is trying to motivate my friend, now I have to pay a solicitor to defend me, when I am comp,eteky innicent. They have been doing this investigation for 5 months nit picking, it’s ridiculous. This may have been the cause of a set back as I just finished chemo last July. This has caused me a lot of stress.

    However Yahweh has been at my right hand all the way, with scripture and comfort which enables me to keep going. It’s very difficult. Everything was going so well just before this happened and ready to go into more full time ministry, then Wham! This came ouT of the blue. My friends deserted me last year, you will remember Mary, maybe? We organised the meeting in the hotel.

    I have been hearrt broken many times over all these issues, and ask why.? Why. I can say one thing though through it all, my eyes have certainly been opened, in relation to the church, myself, the society, the pain, the control of authorities, it’s not nice to say the least.

    I have thought about coming over more than once and maybe still hope to. I wait on Yahweh to say when. I pray and believe all will be well on Monday. Every blessing in Him. Marie Steenson. X