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Following The Feasts With Guest Matthew Miller

by Kenny Russell


This weekend I have been ministering in Johnston City TN and and Shabbat Matthew Miller and I took to the hills to share testimonies and scripture. We cover many subjects as we enjoy fellowship together and sharing what the Father put on our hearts.

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4 thoughts on “Following The Feasts With Guest Matthew Miller

  1. awesome!,,,, I really never understood about the NORTHERN AND SOUTHERN kingdoms til recently, and I had read the Original Covenant/Old Testament a few times…never got it!!!! I really appreciate this video, and pray that those IN THE CHURCHES will watch and hear something that IS NEVER taught upon…wow! thank you!

  2. Love your message Kenny! It is what many (even messianic/ hebrew roots congregations) are missing! TRUE believers lead by the SPIRIT! Concerning the Sabbath– do you think it would be testing the Father by quitting a job because you are required to work on the Shabbat? Is it wise to quit if you dont feel like you are not hearing from him? We are torah observant, and in the past have kept the Shabbat,and were BLESSED because of it. But in the name of trying provide more for our growing family my husband is now working every shabbat 🙁 on a different job. Any words of wisdom/ encouragement?