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Heaven Speak’s Lititz PA

by Kenny Russell

As I am ministering in the USA the testimonies of the lives that are changed are amazing. It was only 8 months ago when I first was invited to minister in Steve and Leona’s home and to see all people walking with them as they seek to follow the Torah and discover there Hebraic roots is incredible. We had a large turnout over the 3 days and this week I wanted to share with you the what YHVH is doing in PA



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6 thoughts on “Heaven Speak’s Lititz PA

  1. A friend in Israel emailed this blog to me. I left on the 21st with my great grandson for a 10 day vacation. I live near Reading, PA and have been following Torah and YHVH’s feasts, Shabbat etc since 2008, first in FL when I moved there after my husbands death. I am currently in a home group with the family who operates J.O.Y bookstore in Sinking Spring. I was elated to find Hebraic books in a section after I returned from FL. I then attended the conference held at Lancaster Bible college inn 2012. This year it is being held at Lancaster Host in Oct.
    Had I been at home I would have loved to have attended this group gathering.

    It is great to know there are growing numbers of those whom YHVH had called

  2. Praise Yah! What blessed me so incredibly much in this short video was all the men that were present. I live such a long way from where you are (northern Canada), but when I saw that I felt a weight lift off my shoulders. In the community I live there are mostly women who are excepting this teaching, and just now watching this I realize how heavy this burden is when I am not being protected and cared for by my husband in this way. But I see Yah doing a work in my husbands heart already too, and I know His will will be accomplished! Yah knows we need men to lead, and He will provide. Praise His Holy Name!

  3. Be still. Be vigilant. There are signs that will be revealed through your circumstances of a paradigm shift taking place. These signs will be indications of what I am doing in and through My people. The Ecclesia , as you have known it, has the opportunity to be transformed into My bride without spot or wrinkle. Your work is to prepare yourself by letting go of everything that does not produce spiritual life!.

    Ephesians 5:27 that He might present her to Himself a glorious Bride, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that

  4. Powerful Paridighm Shift in Lititz as Kenny Russel obeys the Father’s Voice to come and seal Heavens voice as remnant of Hebrew Roots emerge in the region of Lancaster County PA at Garden of Eden, Lititz! A Historical event written in the Books of Heaven as the remenant of YWHW gathered from different parts of PA! The Paridghm Shift is creating a Voice that address Pagan Christianity and a cry to walk out YWHW’s Instruction in Torah while embracing Yeshua as the True Messiah! Truely the cry of the Gentiles is being heard against the lies inherited by the fathers of pagan Christianity calling out to return to the renewed covant found in Yeshua! His Instructions are Joyous
    The ParadigmShift continues as the remnant meets threw out PA. A Voice is being Created as Heaven Speaks to Lititz PA as Those people called By Yeshua repent from their lawless ways and return back to Abba’s instruction found in Torah!
    I leave the reader who has ears to hear the following
    June 13, 2013 9:30am-12:30pm
    “I see images of groups of people. I hear sounds of Heaven sent to awaken all groups to RIGHTEOUSNESS
    SPIRIT & TRUTH. Some were too occupied with their tasks to identify the THUNDERING melodious tones. They scurried around as though time was running out and their work had vital importance. There were others who would not recognize the sounds because they wouldn’t conceive of such RIGHTEOUSNESS
    SPIRIT & TRUTH. What mattered most to them was the World System that provided material items, money, power and the like. There were still others who would not witness the celestial sounds of Heaven’s Call. They deemed themselves to be smarter, better, & more qualified than most. Their justification was their knowledge and education . then I saw another group who would not sense the sounds. they were too disappointed about unfulfilled dreams their hope had been deferred making their hearts sick. And yet, there were others who wouldn’t recognize the sounds because of Anxiousness worry, fear, & condemnation.
    Finally, there were those who perceived the Thunderous Ethereal Sounds of Heaven’s call. they gathered from within those groups & joined together. With all Their hearts, souls, bodies, and minds, they were broken, contrite & humble. They became attentive to perceive, hear and obey Heaven’s Call. They desired to discern, listen & obey beyond natural means of Earthly life and ability; beyond the confines of teachings, & doctrines, taught by men; beyond places of oppression , bondage and restraint. They received the Empyreal sounds of Heaven’s call that
    & brings fourth Restitution that transforms Spirit Soul & Body.
    The Righteousness, Spirit&Truth is full filled!
    The Fulfillment of the Gentiles is upon us!
    Anyone who has an ear to hear, listen & obey what the Spirit of Wisdom says to the the Ecclesia
    Matthew 18-23
    Submitted In the Spirit of Yeshua

  5. Oh this is like music to my ears! – So thankful & excited to hear what YAH is doing! – So eager for the same to take flame over on the other side of the country ! – its been a lonely road for us, but today I am blessed and have an excitement in my spirit! Praise YAH – Shalom Shabbat!