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I’m Done With Religion Tour Arkansas

by Kenny Russell

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One thought on “I’m Done With Religion Tour Arkansas

  1. Shalom Kenny,

    We were introduced to you ministry late last week. We have since forwarded the links of your teachings to family and friends. Two of our employees including one Catholic and one Reformed Catholic are all turned on, halleluyeah. My wife and I have followed a journey out of Christianity and into Torah that took us much longer than your short journey. While in the church we noticed that the template of church doctrine did not match that of the Scriptures. Sorry, but the church lost. In the quest to follow Torah we noticed the dangers of getting entrapped into another religious system i.e. Orthodox Judaism. We have seen several ‘believers’ switching from one ‘death camp’ to another. But praise be to Yehovah, the Scriptures are the plumb line. Keep up the great work. Hope we can connect in person some time in the future. We have a small congregation of 12- 20 people called Beit Shalom in the sleepy town of Prince Albert in Saskatchewan Canada.