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In the Shelter of His Wings

by Kenny Russell

“He will cover you with his feathers,
    and under his wings you will find refuge;
    his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”
Psalm 91:4


As COVID-19 began its spread across the world, reports revealed a devastating increase in domestic violence cases. With quarantine restrictions preventing people from going outside and thousands losing their jobs, victims of abuse entered one of the darkest season of their lives. Due to this large increase, organizations began going on Israeli news channels to ask people to open more homes as shelters to help these people.

Compelled to pray over the situation, our family began asking YHVH how we can be of assistance and help these women and children. Feeling strongly about the direction the Father was taking us, we made the necessary calls and began preparing to open our guesthouse as a safe haven. 

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Despite the quarantine being lifted and Israel seeming to have come out on the other side of this Coronavirus, the war to stop domestic violence continues to rage. Our ears have been opened to hear the cries of the suffering, and we can no longer sit by and watch as the news and other organizations continue to ask for help. 

Our mission with In the Shelter of His Wings is to welcome women and children into our center, providing them with safety, council, and accommodation. With a team of qualified believers, we pray that this project will be a gateway for a new kind of discipleship and restoration.

No one should feel like they are alone and helpless, so not only will we provide a place for victims to seek refuge, but we will also use our time with them to point their hope towards Yeshua and the Father. In the Shelter of His Wings will be a beacon of light and hope in the community, and be a center for spreading the Torah to the brokenhearted. 


Seeking to partner with people all over the world, along with believers in the Land, In the Shelter of His Wings is to be a place of refuge, safety, and healing. Through counseling, discipleship, prayer, and care, we will spend time with each person, giving them a safe place to share and feel protected. We will care for the needs of those who walk through the front door, and also assist them as they gradually get their feet back on the ground.


In the Shelter of His Wings will be located in a home of nine bedrooms and six bathrooms. The house can sleep more than twenty people and has the facilities for swimming, table tennis, spa treatments, along with a back garden for children to play in. 


As believers in Yeshua and followers of the Torah, we will be vocal about our beliefs, but also considerate of people’s backgrounds. We live by the Word of God and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit (Ruach Hakodesh).


Is the Father asking you to sow into this new project? There are four key areas we need assistance in before officially opening the home for victims of abuse.

Resources – housing, essentials, food, clothing, cleaning, etc.

Counselors – Believers (English, Hebrew, and Russian speakers) who have experience with assisting victims of domestic violence. 

Managers – Believers (English, Hebrew/Russian, speakers) who will live on-sight and have experience with people who are suffering from trauma and abuse. 

Volunteers – Assist us as we care for the needs of those seeking refuge.