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Kenny Russell USA Tour Arkansas 2015

by Kenny Russell

*Will you consider supporting our broadcasts from the Hebrew Roots Center, as we pioneer here in Israel reaching the Nations?

Giving Testimony: GottaLife has been a great blessing to me from YHVH. It is a blessing to me to be able to support what you and your wife are doing, and know that I am contributing to YHVH’s work and therefore to the other people to whom you are ministering through your broadcasts.

Thank you for your teachings. My wife and I have been following you on Youtube. We have been searching diligently over the last year to get a grasp of the Hebraic Roots and the Messianic movement.

Dear Kenny, May YHWH bless you greatly for your obedience in life and ministry. We only recently found you, but already gained much blessing by your teaching. We’ve discovered the feasts and Torah about a year ago after many, many years of Churchianity, what LIFE it has brought into our dry spiritual bones!

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2 thoughts on “Kenny Russell USA Tour Arkansas 2015

  1. Your Ministry has been a blessing to me,along with Arthur Bailey’s and A Rood Awakening.,I Love the Hebrew’s Roots teaching and You Sir are doing a wonderful
    Job ,of taking the Gospel of the Kingdom to the ends of the World,you are needed in
    NY Brooklyn,i would like to be contacted.