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Marcus Penberthy from Yeshua The Way Birmingham UK

by Kenny Russell

Planting Seeds of Light Tour in the UK I met up with Marcus Penberthy from Birmingham who shares a little on his journey into Hebrew Roots of the faith.

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4 thoughts on “Marcus Penberthy from Yeshua The Way Birmingham UK

  1. Hi Marcus

    Just a question, are you the Marcus that was with us in Israel? New Wineskins Ministries, Alex and Sharmaine Meek?

  2. This has hit home, i was shaken by this. Emotionally,Spiritually,Physically. I have had the hardest time on excepting the church and its teaching for many of years. So i have become a independent in the walk for true answers and guidance to become one with the father. I have come across a few independent gospel searchers like myself but not many. But they are truly blessed as we share our experience and knowledge, weather great or less, or just beginning or in it for years, we learn we share we practice and we grow. I’m sort of new in and out of churches. Try to read the Bible on my own. Been in some Bible study Groups. But this video hits home. And i would like to know more please. God Bless You

  3. This happened to me, I was asking for Yahuwah to show me ancient paths and was led into truth of following Torah and the Feasts. Psalm 19 is awesome, I am the only person in my area who believes this and am on this journey alone

  4. Another great interview, Kenny. And by the way, I love your new facial hair! You are really Hebrew roots now! Shabbat Shalom!