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Ministry Life In Israel – Together We Stand

by Kenny Russell

What is the book of Acts model for ministry support?
In the book of Acts we see how the believers came together to further the kingdom of YHVH and today some get offended at ministries who share needs and ask for support. The main reason some are offended is because we have seen so much robbing ministries who manipulate and lie to rase funds. My goal is about integrity and raising the finances we need to bring YHVH’s transformation in the nations sticking close to His instructions and in doing this we have made a point to be known personally and as a ministry. We have many who have testified to the fruit of our ministry in the nations as well as here at home in Israel. It brings great joy to be a servant of Abba Father knowing that our calling is confirmed with signs following.

Ministry life in Israel is not easy but we are committed to laying a foundation that will weather any storm. We had an event last December which prevented $1.5million cash flow form coming in because it was discovered we follow Yeshua when this happened we had to lay off all our staff and it looked like we were wiped out! But we are still here today and our spiritual growth as a ministry and the miracles that keep us reaching out each month are an even greater testimony to Elohim’s saving power with what I call our most transforming year yet! 

So much of what we face here we cannot share because we are a public ministry who is watched and followed by those who would seek to harm us as an attack directed to YHVH.

This is the second time this year I have felt it necessary to make an appeal to our friends and our partners because we know we cannot break through alone.

Our moto is, Friendship – Relationship and then Partnership and in this order we hold to the integrity of ministry.

Mission Support

Over the next 2 weeks we have raise an additional $20,000 over our monthly costs to keep our accounts in good standing and for this we are seeking to build our monthly partners as well as one time donations.

If you are looking to sow into a ministry in Israel that will not just take funds and apply them to projects here locally but who uses resources to support all who stand with us!

Is today is the day for you to make a pledge by emailing – if you want to donate using Paypal you can send money direct to my email address

To set up monthly donations or make a one time special offering please do this using the links below.

Thank you for standing with us!

To all our regular partners thank you for joining us and please share with others encouragement to join us on MISSION POSSIBLE!

Together We Stand

Kenny Russell


Mission Focus

Will you support us this month, as August donations are always a lot lower than other times of the year?


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