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Miracles On The Shores Of The Galilee

by Kenny Russell

The miracles on the shores of the Galilee are coming back, it is time to the light (The True light) to shine from the Galilee to the ends of the earth.
Our generation is sick and broken and the God of restoration is on the move – he is breaking down the lies that encamp around us and the knowing of the truth is setting us free.

Testimony of Healing
We have a testimony of healing from Joseph’s wife Deidra who was suffering “big time” for a good while.
When I asked people in the message to put there hand on where they needed YHVH to heal, she placed her hand on her right knee.
A couple of days later she shared with her husband that the next morning the pain in her knee was gone. She then waited another few days to be sure and today she says it still is not bothering her 7 days later! Praise Yah!  

Many reports came in last week of the work of the Spirit in individual lives and families

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2 thoughts on “Miracles On The Shores Of The Galilee

  1. HalleluYah.. ty so much for your message.. on miracles.. i do have a prayer request.. my husband of 38 yrs left 7 months ago he is a jewish believer in Yeshua.. i am asking Yah to bring him home.. i love him and miss him.. he will not speak to me.. I have to go through our son to get messages to him.. Please keep us in your prayers that Yah will restore us .. and our marriage.. ty.. will keep listening.. love Yah’s word.. amein!!!