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Nate & Alyssa Capture the Moment (Preview)

by Kenny Russell

This is a short segments from the upcoming Capture the Moment Broadcast.

Before Nate and Alyssa got married Nate shares about his struggles with Alyssa following Yeshua not in a traditional Christian way but Hebrew Roots, including the Sabbath and commandments.

This struggle caused Nate to search the scripture for himself and was overwhelmed by the simplicity of the truth of scripture and a new journey was birthed and Nate and Alyssa got married and together they share a passion for the truth of scripture seeking to live their lives for YHVH.

They will be traveling with Amy Huffman across the USA hope you get to meet them personally and hear the blessings through music and worship.

If you would like to explore the possibility of the team visiting your group, please call Amy Huffman at 301-302-6099 or email her at

We’d Love to Visit You – Connect with our USA Road Trip!

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