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One House, Two House, Old House, New House

by Julia Glattfelt

One House, Two House
Old House, New House
Right Stick, Left Stick
Turns to One Stick!
Abraham or Jacob’s Seed?
It’s confusing, yes indeed!
Jew or Gentile, Saved by grace?
The Land of Israel! That’s our place?
Has Messiah stopped the Law?
What odd conclusions we do draw!

If Abba promised Seed like Stars to Abraham, is that not ours?
>>Because of Abraham’s faith and trust
Our Father promised to be just
Because he trusted! Was His friend!
The Covenant would never end!
Abounding like the sand or sea
When Abba promised – he meant me.

From north to south
From east to west
The remnant of twelve tribes are blessed
From Sinai’s mount to Zion’s hill
No matter what He’ll do His will
Because of love he sent his Son
To teach us all His Will be done
No jot or tittle leaves His Law
Yeshua taught this to us all
He showed us how to walk the Way
It’s still the Law until this day!

Because the Torah shows us how
We’ve no excuse to end it now
He loved the Law, He loved the Father
>>Why would we think we need not bother?
We all were bought at a terrible price
To forget the reason is not right!
The Torah tells us how to Walk
It tells us plainly how to Talk
And if you think my words are idle
Go check them out! Here! Take my Bible!

Are only those whose seed are mentioned
Welcomed in by Yah’s intention?
All who seek His face above
Should listen to His Words of Love!
The stranger and the gentile too
Can choose to graft the tree into!
Just say I Will, and keep your vow
Then learn the Torah that shows you how!
The great gift of our Father: grace!
Whene’er we slip, just seek His Face!
We all will learn to Teshuva!
That means return to His Torah!!

Yeshua died upon a cross
This earthly life no count but loss
He didn’t pay the death we owe
So we can sin now, and more so!
It isn’t freedom from instruction!
But is salvation from destruction!
He paid a ransom for our soul
A bride to gain that Satan stole
We reconcile to Him with Faith
And learn to please Him by His Grace
It’s all within the Word made Flesh
He came the Torah to Refresh!
If He alone is perfect and just
Why would religion gain our trust?
I choose the Way, not man’s decree
Only Yeshua died for me.

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