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Part 2 – The chronological Gospels With Kenny And Michael Rood

by Kenny Russell


The knowing of the truth will set you free – Do You want the truth or are you happy with Pagan Christianity?

70 Weeks Ministry Of Yeshua
Every incident recorded during Yeshua’s ministry is captured within the precise framework of Yeshua going up to each of the Feasts of the LORD (Lev 23) and either fulfilling the prophetic shadow pictures embedded within them or interpreting their future fulfillment (Col 2:16-17, Heb 10v1)

This is part 2 to watch Part 1 follow this link

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One thought on “Part 2 – The chronological Gospels With Kenny And Michael Rood

  1. Idon’t know much about this sacafice,but I know I lost my first born a boy at 4 months old to what they call crib death.For nearly 20 years later while in prison for two years,which was a blessing,it help me to see I had been in a prison all my so called life and was not aware of it. I will try to make this short,my awakening came from having enought of….. had to die to all that, which was not hard to do, because I had been dieing for a long time didn’t know it. Anyway all what I had learned,and someone else told me I am a healer,that he felt the Holy Spirit coming from me stronger then he had ever felt in his life,he was 30 years older then me.I have learn since then that a healer is one that is healing,uncovering self from all the bull…and seeing truth and being it,I have never had a thought to be a healer,I just uncovered it, and still uncovering more.And I know I am on the truth because so many reject me.