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Pastor Arnold – Grasps The Truth in Torah

by Kenny Russell

Meet Arnold Nyarambi
from Bread of Life INternational Ministry

Many pastors are on a journey recognizing the importance of Torah. It is our ministry goal to walk with the body of messiah in Spirit and in Truth.
Coming back to Torah or should I say coming back to the “Book of Acts assemblies example of living out our faith” is a journey many are on.

It is is a blessing to be used of YHVH to minister to many leaders and I encourage you to seek ways to reach the body of Messiah in your local communities.

Giving Testimony: GottaLife has been a great blessing to me from YHVH. It is a blessing to me to be able to support what you and your wife are doing, and know that I am contributing to YHVH’s work and therefore to the other people to whom you are ministering through your radio and other ministries.



BulldozerFaith now has more friendly ways to give in 6 different currencies.
We have added this at the request of many and we have opened new bank accounts and non-profits to reduce the extra costs in exchange rates and sending money to Israel and supporting overseas missions.

In 2017 we need to increase our support base especially to prepare for our “Living Stone Torah Outreach” and invest in our broadcast teaching mission.
We believe the biggest area lacking is evangelism and we are committed to preach the gospel of the kingdom as we train, equip and release teams in the nations.
Investing in Kingdom work is rewarding for the giver and the receiver. BulldozerFaith seeks to subsidise the cost to go on mission and for this we need your help.

Will you prayerfully consider standing with us as our long term goal is to develop mission leaders to minister in Israel, planting new fellowships across the land.
thanks for standing with us and any questions please call or email our team from the website.



Thank you to everyone who gives monthly and one time donations

Send Donation By Post: 
Checks payable to “Gottalife”
USA – Gottalife Ministries, Suit 167, 15105-D John J Delaney Drive, Charlotte, NC 28277
Checks payable to “Gottalife”

UK – BulldozerFaith C/o Gerry Brown, Lynwood Cottage, Goughs Lane, Bracknell, Berks. RG12 2JR
Cheques payable to “Gottalife”

“New” Canada –  Gottalife Ministries – 1362 Lambton Mall Road, Suite 8-377, Sarnia, Ontario N7S5A1
Cheques payable to “Gottalife”

Please send an email by return letting us know your gift is sent by check!


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