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Pastor Brent Wills Comes To Torah – Capture The Moment

by Kenny Russell

This week’s Shabbat broadcast is another great story from a Pastor.
Meet Brent Wills from Coffeeville KS.

It was such a blessing to be with Brent I know watching this Capture The Moment broadcast will be a real encouragement and please share it with Church Leaders

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2 thoughts on “Pastor Brent Wills Comes To Torah – Capture The Moment

  1. Hi Kenny, We just love to hear from you and we look forward to the capture the moment teachings. We are forever learning and are on a great journey now even before the journey of the Great Second Exodus. I think I understand the Kingdom of YHVH. Yeshua is King and He has Laws/ Instructions for us to follow – His Kingdom is Torah. He loves us so very much and has given His life for us. But we so called Christians don’t understand is that we need to love Him back by keeping His instructions He gave us. We have life through His shed blood and by keeping His Commandments we could enter into His Kingdom. I hope I am understanding this right. What a mighty God we have. Thank you so much Kenny for your hard work and standing strong in the faith of Yeshua. In return Yeshua’s work through you keeps us strong. May YHVH Bless you and strengthen your ministry. Again! thank you!

  2. I love this interview it is so refreshing to hear others going through the same walk………………growing in the Hebrew roots of the faith…………….thank you so much.