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Paul Cain Supernatural Healing From Heart Attack In 2002

by Kenny Russell

Kenny Russell shares a story about God’s grace extending life to bring an opportunity to be restored before entering into glory. For Paul Cain, it was a 17-year window and I don’t know if he truly did repent and walk in restoration but what I do know is that God made a way.
God wants you to finish well on your walk of faith and even in the midst of failure, there is hope!
If you have fallen in sin, remember the devil tells you your life is over, this testimony shows the love of God and compassion of YHVH to bring healing and deliverance. We have been sharing this in our message on Jonah – God had no plan “B”
Let’s make every effort to walk in the fullness of Elohim being aware that the devil is seeking who he may devour.

I did not share this message publicly whilst Paul was alive because of the call we both had when he did eventually confess to me he did fall to serious sin. I share this video as a testimony to the extended hand of God and not to discredit a man who was respected by millions as one of God’s Generals. Paul Cain made an open public confession to what he was going through and this came out after the miraculous healing and escape from death in February 2002.

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