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Preparation For Passover

by Kenny Russell

Passover Victory over death!

Yeshua the lamb of YHVH who takes away the sins of the world.

It is time for deliverance this world cannot hold you back from walking in the ways of YHVH

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Let’s Pass Over the Traditions and Keep the Feast!

by Julia Glattfelt

There is one story that is a traditional tale told as part of the Passover observance.  It is a story about 4 Jewish sons and speaks about their attitudes toward religion.  The sons are named: Wise, Wicked, Simple and Young.  Young is ignorant of Israel’s traditions and culture, Simple is indifferent to the festivals, Wicked rejects everything and is disrespectful, and Wise is the observant one.  Which son are you?

I want to learn to be Wise but most the time I am Young!  I want to find what is honoring the Father (i.e. following His instructions) and weigh carefully what has been adopted by the church, whether it is from Christianity or Judaism.   I want to find the pure word so that I will not be Wicked, Simple or Young!  If it is wise to be observant, then let us begin there!  Let’s observe!  Let’s examine what is traditional and what is the bottom line.  May we all do like Wise.


It wasn’t that long ago that the traditions of the Christian church were removed from my home, and the search for the leaven-free gospel was begun. Read more



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