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Putting Aside The Deed’s Of Darkness

by Kenny Russell

This is a prophetic cry to help you understand the present time. We make decisions on what we believe is truth, but do we diligently test what we believe? This is followed by Michael Rood teaching of the fall feasts. Please share with others!

Our views and opinions change all the time, even more so with those in pursuit of living our lives in the uncompromising love of Yeshua. He said, “If you love me obey my commands.” The flesh does not want to live this way and the world is full of diversions that fight you and prevent you from walking in the light of YHVH’s truth. The sad fact is that today’s church is also leading many away from the will of the Father to build the mini kingdom of pastor-got-all-the-answers man.

In pursuing His commandments, you can only do it by surrendering your will to His – “Not my will but yours” was what Yeshua said to the Father. Can we too say such a statement and follow through this commitment? This is only possible with the life of the Spirit.

The rewards are great – the sacrifices will produce transformation in the world in which we live. To truly live is to die to our own desires. We live to follow YHVH in bringing the gospel of the kingdom to a lost generation.

Is it worth it?

FREEDOM! shouts this Scotsman from the Galilee. How many people see Mel Gibson and who sees William Wallis? The bottom line is that it does not matter who you see, do you see Yeshua or do you see a disciple proclaiming the words of Yeshua? Your life and my life counts! Every act, every word is creating the tapestry of our life. What does your tapestry look like?

Is it full of regrets, bad choices and wasted time?

You can change that right now. You cannot change the past, but the future is waiting for your obedience – not to your self-motivated plans but to the reason YHVH created you to live. If you are fed up with your mediocre life try this: make sure step one is dying to self and the desires of the patterns of this world. Then live to know YHVH and his will for your life. Fast and pray!

It is worth everything. Yeshua laid down his life so we could be free! Can we go and do the same? It is a big challenge today. There is so much teaching about using your gifts and talents to help God out, but what is needed is to know the reason we are born into this world. Those born “for such a time as this” must depend on one thing. Obedience.

Father forgive us for missing the mark please teach us to walk in your steps and live in the light.

YHVH: the best tour guide for the past present and future.

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5 thoughts on “Putting Aside The Deed’s Of Darkness

  1. This was a great teaching. I would love to live in the land of our fathers. I know it is more than living in the land it is living His Torah the way He said for us to do.

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