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Revelation The 5th Gospel Michael Rood

by Kenny Russell


Welcome to this weeks video blog which comes as a 2 part teaching bringing the outline of the Bood of Revelation with friend and fellow servant for the gospel of the kingdom Michael Rood.

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Part 1 Revelation 5th Gospel Michael Rood


Part 2 Revelation 5th Gospel Michael Rood

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5 thoughts on “Revelation The 5th Gospel Michael Rood

  1. I thank our Abba and our Saviour Yahushus for stumbling into tje teavhings given my Brother Micheal Rood .I love Brother Micheals teaching . He really challenges the false doctrines / teachings I inherited ..
    Sad unable to meet him in person . A man after my own heart . Anyway Will meet him in Yahushuas reign on

  2. Just about to finish Rood’s chronological gospels. Having the ministry of Yeshu’a messiah last 70 weeks; fulfilling the prophesy of Daniel, and following the spring feasts makes so much sense. Thank you for deepening my faith! All glory be to the almighty!

  3. Thank you for this teaching – I am sharing it with everyone I can. Finally a clear cut teaching that people can hear and understand. Thank you and May Yehovah bless us with eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts that hunger to obey – Zionsgirl7

  4. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Is there a study with all the details planned…or being done? I’d love to get the rest of the story!