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Shabbat Night Live Heaven Speak’s

by Kenny Russell

Tonight watch Live – I will be with Michael Rood in Charlotte NC



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5 thoughts on “Shabbat Night Live Heaven Speak’s

  1. Just finished watching the video interview with you on Michael Rood’s show! Everything you said was so much confirmation to me. My spirit was leaping inside as I as in agreement with all your spoke. We are truly in the a day of GREAT DECEPTION! We must be in the secret place as never before preparing ourselves for the soon coming of Messiah! Its time to come home! Its time to get reattached to the Green Olive Tree and obey and live out Torah thru the power of the Ruach HaQodesh! What exciting days to be in! I am so excited to see all He is about to do thru His people! Praying of you Kenny!

  2. I have been enjoying hearing you speak in several venues. You certainly have a gift from Yahweh. I am in Southwestern Ohio and have been trying to find where your tour will come closest to me. Ohio is mentioned but little details. The Ohio town mentioned isn’t close to me so I need to make some plans. Please include that information as soon as you can. May Yahweh give you wisdom, understanding, and knowledge in abundance! Best regards from Ohio!! Hope to see you there.

  3. I misunderstood; thought you said: builders of so could not find you. 2 times you said it and both times I heard you wrong. Finally saw the words written out. I think because of your accent it would be a good idea to say it slower or spell it. Bless you in your sincere servanthood. May the truth spread through your Heaven Speaks tour. If I can not make it to one of the meetings will they be available for viewing later on the site?

  4. we tried to watch live from NC, but the video only worked a couple of minutes then stopped and that’s its. so sorry we missed it.