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Sign-up For Hebrew Lessons

by Kenny Russell

Kenny & Hayley have been working hard with their team in Israel developing a comprehensive learning program for Hebrew. We invite you to join today and be part of the pre-launch.

Visit to join today.

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5 thoughts on “Sign-up For Hebrew Lessons

    • Shalom, to get Hebrew Lessons go to the prices are as follows – free trial sign-up giving you greetings and a 60 second preview of the other lessons. To get unlimited access to all lessons it is a monthly price of $14.99 – registration is $29.95 any other questions please let me know


  1. I have been slowly working on Hebrew for about 4-5 years and kind of feel like I am about to enter Kinder Garden. When you get to be my age it takes a little longer. Smile……… I am looking forward to it.