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by Julia Glattfelt

I read an interesting article by Little Guy in the Eye that talks about our DNA with many Biblical insights.  I highly recommend you read it before you go on with this article.  I am not going to re-state points he already made, but will add a few observations of my own.

One thing that The Little Guy in the Eye did not mention was something that struck me when I saw this illustration of the chromosomes.


The single X chromosome (see illustration) looks like the Hebrew Letter Vav (Nail).

The single Y chromosome looks like a mirror image of the Hebrew Letter Yod (Hand of YHVH).

The sex of an individual is determined by the sex chromosomes, one from each parent.  Each egg carries an X, and sperms may carry either an X or a Y.  Two Xs make a female, and an X and Y combination makes a male.

When a female is formed the two X chromosomes are shaped like a cross.   An X and Y combination looks incomplete, by comparison.  Maybe ‘Adam’ is waiting for the help of the Hand of YHVH?


When the two sex chromosomes are compared, the longer X chromosome carries more genetic information.  Even so, the shorter strand of DNA in the Y chromosome is dominant when it comes to sex selection!  Is this verification that Adam was created first?

Two ‘Vavs’ combine to form a cross shape.  Do you see the ‘connection?’

Isn’t it curious that the Seed of the Woman is formed by ‘nails’ that become a cross?  Do we see the promises and prophecies even when we look at the smallest molecular structures that make us?


Notice that the Y looks like a Hebrew Letter Yod (which is symbolic of the Right hand of God/ Power).

The Y is very short.  Almost as if it began as an X and had the lower portion removed!

Did you notice that the YOD looks like the top portion of the VAV?  Many studies note that the Hebrew letters all contain a Yod somewhere.  We see His Hand in everything!

Could it be that when YHVH removed the ‘rib’ from Adam, it was actually to extract a portion of his DNA to give to Eve?

Man is made in YHVH’s image, so it makes sense that the YOD would be the determining factor for the Head of the House.

In the above illustration, the Y chromosome looks like a mirror image of a YOD.  Curious isn’t it?



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2 thoughts on “SOLVING FOR X AND Y

  1. Interesting, when man is in “right” relationship with YHVH he is the image of from the he came from! When woman is right relationship with YHVH she would reflect “mans” right relationship with YHVH allowing the two to become one! Just a thought after reviewing article!
    Good article.