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Special Guest Mike Clayton

by Kenny Russell

Watch Capture The Moment with Special guest Mike Clayton a Hebrew Roots Teacher from the USA who was passing through the Galilee the other day. What a great time we had sharing life together.

Mike runns Joined To HaShem Ministries

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Giving Testimony: GottaLife has been a great blessing to me from YHVH. It is a blessing to me to be able to support what you and your wife are doing, and know that I am contributing to YHVH’s work and therefore to the other people to whom you are ministering through your radio and other ministries.

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4 thoughts on “Special Guest Mike Clayton

  1. Thanks to Hashem !
    It is so uplifting to see two real brothers,in His faith, telling there stories, instead of a scripted show. I have met you both in South Carolina,at Gates To Zion, and I know this is real and true. This is what the world needs .
    May The Father bless you and keep you…

    Thanks again Kenny and Mike. You are blessed, and you have blessed our family.

  2. Hi Kenny

    I just finished watching your video with Mike Clayton. What an absolutely refreshing conversation. I am just beginning my journey in Hebraic roots. I feel very blessed to have found your website and look forward to all your messages.


  3. I LOVE these testimonies!!!! It has become obvious to me that we must leave our past behind, even if it means everything in our physical realm. I’ve heard so many testimonies of people hitting rock bottom as they’re going through their refining process. It’s a huge encouragement to find that we’re not alone in these intense training periods that our Father is allowing us to go through.