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Stand In The Gap For The Nations

by Kenny Russell


Stand In The Gap

What an amazing tour “Heaven Speak’s” as we witness many lives transformed the testimonies are coming in about people being healed, empowered by the Holy Spirit and on fire to live there lives in a way that honors YHVH..

This prophetic trumpet call is not just to waken people up but a warning of the coming judgments and our need for intercession to stand in the gap for our nation’s.

Judgment is coming to America and the land is crying out because of the sin in the land. We must rise up right now and stand in the army of YHVH. The USA government is interfering in Israel against the will of YHVH and its false manipulation over Israel will bring consequences against America as a nation.

We can delay the coming judgment this country deserves. Israel too is standing in the balances with its separation from the will of YHVH. Join with me in standing in the gap for Israel and ask the father if you are called to partner with our mission.

Follow the Heaven Speak’s Tour we have two events still left here in Tennessee

Please share with others and stand in prayer with me that many will discover the Hebraic roots of there faith as well as the life in the Spirit.

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