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Stephen Spykerman Capture The Moment Part 1

by Kenny Russell

Part One


STEPHEN J SPYKERMAN was born in September 1940 during the Nazi occupation of Holland. His parents were Catholics of Jewish origin and he was the fourth son of seven children with a Dutch father and an English mother. The family escaped the Holocaust due to his parent’s Catholic religion plus the fact that his mother was English and thus she was seen as the English rather than the Jewish woman. Stephen’s early years were full of excitement and danger, as their house for some time became the emergency headquarters for the Dutch resistance in his region. His father was arrested by the Nazi authorities and held for some time in a special prison for people who were considered influential in their local communities. His parents also sheltered Henny Cohen, a Jewish woman, who was hiding whilst on the run from the Nazis. At the same time their formidable children’s nanny worked as courier for the Dutch resistance. At age seventeen Stephen had a major encounter with God which resulted in his leaving the Roman Catholic Church for good.

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