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Strengthen Our Faith

by Kenny Russell

Shabbat Shalom from Caesarea Israel
The power of the WORD -The word is alive!
Today the army of God is rising and we need to be walking by faith, not doubting the steps before us.

What voice is leading you on your journey in faith?
Be filled and led by the Holy Spirit – Praise YHVH

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One thought on “Strengthen Our Faith

  1. Beloved Kenny and staff,

    Thank you again for a Spirit confirming message. How good it is to drink in the water of life.

    May I ask for prayer, that I can discern well, who are the scoffers so I Dont sit in their seats.

    Also, praise His name for showing me the work of my hands, and the great hope I received on Shabbat. That I can also apply the precepts to receive healing in my body. And peace, as I am overcoming while in this cocoon. Thank you so much. I receive so much from your teachings. I hope to bless you more in days to come. Fight the good fight of faith.

    Before I go, I wonder, I haven’t been able to find in scriptures where it tells us that a regular Shabbat is a feast day. Would you share, if you know where it is. I hope for truth and peace on the issue. Thank you. It is an honor to pray for your ministry.

    Sandra Almquist