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by Kenny Russell

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I have been ministering the reality of God for 20 years now and since coming to Israel we are seeing it is time for the eyes of Gods people to get inline with the Jewish feasts and the timetable of our God.

With this transforming time we are witnessing a great shift across the nations as more and more are recognizing Israel is the time peace of God.
We are entering into the final stages of the 6th day and we could well be the generation that sees Yeshua sit on the throne of David and rule the world for 1000 years according to Revelation.

Through all our time in ministry I am seeing the revelation of what the unity of the body of Christ will look like. It will not be 30,000 different expressions of Christianity but it will be a prophetic alignment where the body of Yeshua around the world will seek the Lord for a Hebrew roots perspective.

Why will this happen?
The Bible says that the 2 will be come one. The Cultivated Olive Tree and the Wild Olive Tree which represents Israel.

Will you consider standing with us as we share from Israel through media and hands on support and traveling internationally to see His kingdom come and His will done?

We need to have those who will sow into our ministry on a monthly basis which will help us in planning ahead as well as those who would like to give one time donations.

Thank you for standing with us and I hope we are as much a blessing to you as you are to us.

The Russell Family
Northern Kingdom, Galilee

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